Subject: Legends Of America Newsletter - On the Road Again Feb/March 2021

Our Winter Trip so far, Salute to Women, Westbound from Westport and more in this months edition.

Legends of America Newsletter - Feb/March 2021

In this newsletter:

  • Our Winter 2021 Escape

  • Westbound from Westport

  • Staging and Banking in the Old West

  • Salute to Women

and much more!

Latest from our world

I had no idea how hard it is to not shake someone's hand. It's in my second nature to reach out, give a firm welcome grip, and greet someone with a smile. So while traveling this year, I'm having to remind myself to keep a distance and give the occasional fist bump.

We had enough of being homebound and decided we could escape the Missouri Winter and head out on a 4,000+ mile journey to explore more of the Southwest. We decided we could no longer do the two-month journey in our old KZ Sportsman Classic. We had to get something a little bigger and enough space that will keep Kathy from becoming the subject of one of those "Why Women Kill" shows. So, in January, we opted for a '21 Cheyenne Grey Wolf. We love it! (despite the usual "this isn't right", "how did that break?", "oops forgot to latch the fridge", and "crap, what was that noise?")

We packed up, shut down the home base, and scooted out the day before the big Winter Blast of '21 hit Missouri. Well, actually, we left the day it started arriving, and it literally chased us out of the state. Nothing like handling a new, longer trailer, in a wind-driven downpour.

We are just over a month into our adventure, and so far it's a dandy. We found warmer climates and Butterfield in the Guadalupe Mountains, Sixgun Miller at a gunfight, Dinosaurs in Dragoon, Parakeets in Apache Junction, and beauty on the Colorado River. Not to mention the Native History, ghost towns, and cool Spanish Mission and Presidio along the way.

And we're just halfway through... Here are our Photo Travel Blogs to catch you up to speed.

Talimena Scenic Views - Day One of our journey took us south through Arkansas as an arctic blast chased us out of Missouri.

Just passing through - Central and West Texas have a lot to offer old west history lovers.  

LOA at Pinery Station near El Paso

Butterfield, Salt Flats, and Warm El Paso - Out of the cold of Andrews, Texas into the warmth of El Paso, we found some Butterfield Trail, Salt Flats, and plenty of photo opportunities in El Paso.

Pancho Villa, Geronimo, and Old West Gunfights - We move out of Texas along the southern border of New Mexico, with lots of history and one of our primary destinations, Tombstone, on the path.

Window dressing in Nostalgic Lowell

Bisbee, Lowell, and Some Naco Please - We took a nostalgic stroll in Lowell, looked into the depths of the pit, and enjoyed our time in Bisbee.

Cochise, Dinosaurs in Dragoon, and Texas Canyon - Day tripping from Tombstone, we found a historic hotel in a ghost town, Dragoon Jesus, Texas Canyon, and Dinosaurs.

Across Arizona from a Mission to a Bridge - We made our way through the Tucson area, all the way to London Bridge. Read about Spanish Missions, Presidios, the deepest dam in the world, and more.

We are traveling gypsies until probably early April. Or at least until we know Mother Nature is done with giving us the cold shoulder.

Cya on the Road!

Dave "searching for a patch of grass and a clean hand" Alexander

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What's New on LOA

Here are just some of the recent additions since our last newsletter

Westport Landing, William Henry Jackson

Westport, Missouri - Though Westport, Missouri is a neighborhood of Kansas City today, it was once an independent thriving town, from which California, Oregon, and Santa Fe Trails began and was the site of one of Missouri’s largest Civil War battles.

The Fatal Flight of United Airlines 629 - In November of 1955, Jack Gilbert Graham blew up a plane over Colorado just to collect life insurance on his mother who was on the flight.

Old West Saloon Descriptions - Descriptions and history of several well-known Old West Saloons accompanied by images from the past and present.

Abram Burnett

Abram B. Burnett – Potawatomie Chief - (From our Legends Of Kansas website) Abram B. Burnett was an Indian chief of the Potawatomie tribe, for whom Burnett’s Mound in southern Topeka, Kansas is named.

Apalachee Tribe - The Apalachee are Native American people who historically lived in the Florida Panhandle. They spoke a Muscogean language called Apalachee, which is now extinct.

Chinookan People - The Chinook Indian Nation continues to engage in a continuing effort to secure formal recognition, conducting research and developing documentation to demonstrate its history.

El Morro National Monument, New Mexico - The monument displays over 2,000 carvings at the base of a sandstone bluff that records the presence of ancient peoples and later travelers who transformed El Morro into a well-preserved historical document.

Awatovi Ruins, Arizona - The Awatovi Ruins in northeastern Arizona are an archaeological site on the Hopi Indian Reservation. The site contains the ruins of a pueblo estimated to be 500 years old and those of a 17th-century Spanish mission.

Thunder Mountain Monument, Nevada - Constructed over four decades beginning in 1967, a man named Frank Van Zant, built the folk art “sculpture” of concrete and junk as a tribute to the Native American plight.

Snow Bound, Alone, and Surrounded by Wild Varmints - (By William Daugherty, 1891) A prospector is snowbound in Nevada without a gun and is surrounded by wild animals.

Alva Gould - Discoverer of the Famous Gould and Curry Mine - (By William Daugherty, 1891) Alva Gould discovered silver on the ground of the celebrated Gould & Curry Mine on January 6, 1859.

We've added 29 new articles since our last newsletter in January, including more historic text.

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Did You Know?

Wells Fargo Stagecoach

Wells Fargo began when prosperous New York businessmen, Henry Wells, and William Fargo saw a great opportunity in the west after gold was discovered. The pair, who had helped to found American Express in 1850, officially created Wells Fargo & Co. on March 18, 1852, with two primary objectives – transportation and banking.

Read Wells Fargo – Staging & Banking in the Old West.

Women's History Month

Doc Susy Anderson at her Colorado Cabin

One of Colorado’s earliest women doctors, Susan Anderson, better known as “Doc Susy”, is a member of the Colorado Women’s Hall of Fame.

Read Susan “Doc Susy” Anderson – Frontier Physician

Women in New York 1909

Learn more about just some of the many Historic American Women as we celebrate March with Women's History Month.

Start Here

Popular Stories on Facebook

In case you missed it, here are some of the articles that have been popular on our Facebook Fan Pages recently.

Ghost town of Jicarilla, NM

Jicarilla, New Mexico – Still Gold in Them Thar Hills - Today, there are no occupants of the small town and only a few remaining buildings. The old school, which was also used as a church and for area events, continues to stand.

Buffalo at Pawnee Bill Ranch, Oklahoma

The Plight of the Buffalo - The ancient range of the buffalo, according to history and tradition, once extended from the Alleghanies to the Rocky Mountains, embracing all that magnificent portion of North America known as the Mississippi valley.

Bill Picket

William “Bill” Pickett – Texas Bull-Dogger - Of black and Cherokee Indian descent, Bill Pickett was one of the first great rodeo cowboys and is credited with inventing the sport of bulldogging.

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I’ve driven by this area many times but could not locate the site, but I finally found it. So I decided to read up on it and came across your site. Big thank you for telling the story of their hardship. Elias (Ref: Utter-Van Ornum Massacre, Idaho)

This is so fascinating. I only know of some Voodoo origin stories (I am Afro Caribbean and African-American) and was really interested in legends from the Natives since I live in the United States. I heard of skinwalkers on a TV show called True Blood, but this is so in-depth and unique. Alexis (Ref: Navajo Skinwalkers – Witches of the Southwest)

Ben Thompson was my great great great uncle his brother billy my ggg grandfather.I love this story about him. My mother talked of Ben and until her death had never mentioned that her great-great-grandfather was billy. I’m not sure why it was kept such a secret …seems I will never know...Thank you for this story. Teresa (Ref: Ben Thompson and Other Noted Gunmen)

I love the Queen Mary. My adoptive father sailed her to the south seas in WWll. The Poseidon Adventure is still a personal favorite and a friend’s bf worked the ship below decks and too reported eerie occurrences. Cynthia (Ref: Ghosts of the Queen Mary in Long Beach, California)

Oh my Gosh! Cannot say often enough what a nice diversion your site gives me! I absolutely love seeing you and Kathy in a video every once in a while on the History Channel or other sources! Thank you for your continued articles!!! Sara

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