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Canyons of the Ancients, Tough Law in Indian Territory, US Fun Facts and more!

Legends of America Newsletter - January 2021!

In this newsletter:

  • Canyons of the Ancients

  • Tough Law in Indian Territory

  • One Foot in the Stirrup and One on the Throttle

  • US fun facts

and much more!

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Happy New Year Friend!

With hindsight being 2020, I can see clearly that the last 12 months have been just one giant rollercoaster of highs and lows for most of us. Don't want to get too sappy here, but Kathy and I are extremely grateful we have you as a reader, especially now. Your encouragement, and continued support, have kept us motivated and blessed as we enter our 18th year on the World Wide Web.

Now, more than ever, we are proud that we can provide an entertaining, informative look at American History, travel destinations, legends, and lore. To understand where we are, and where we are going, it is vital to understand where we have been. Ok, that's cliche, but it is how our great nation has moved forward, warts and all, to be the free-est on earth. Learn from the past.

I personally think a good example of that is the recent uproar over Distilleries and hand sanitizer. Just this last week, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), decided that American Distilleries, who answered the call during the pandemic and shifted production to making hand sanitizer, would need to pay a $14,000 fee for doing so. When I read the news, my first thought was "Haven't they ever heard of the Whiskey Rebellion?"

Back in 1794, a still-developing American government taxed distilled liquors to help pay off the debt from the American Revolution. It ultimately led to the first armed insurrection against the government, resulting in President Washington enacting the Militia Act, calling up some 13,000 troops. While the Federal Government won in the short term, the political ramifications helped Thomas Jefferson defeat President Adams in the 1800 election, and led Congress to repeal all internal Federal taxes in 1802.

So, this week, after a huge uproar from the American Public, it was easy to imagine someone in D.C. thinking about lessons learned. And this time it didn't take elections to resolve the issue. Health & Human Services (HHS) stepped in within 24 hours and voided the FDA's "fee." Rebellion averted.

Americans have always moved our country forward through collective and productive debate. But it only works if we truly understand the history and building blocks of our current society. Kathy and I are proud we can be a small part of that learning.

Here's to 2021! May it be our brightest yet.

Dave "Lover of Freedom" Alexander.


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What's New on LOA

Here are the recent additions since our last newsletter

Canyon of the Ancients, CO - Anasazi Heritage Center

Canyons of the Ancients National Monument, Colorado – The Monument contains the highest known archaeological site density in the United States, with rich, well-preserved evidence of native cultures that have been part of this landscape for at least 10,000 years.

Saugus Iron Works National Historic Site – The Saugus Iron Works National Historic Site in Massachusetts is the site of the first integrated ironworks in North America.

Lees Ferry, Arizona –  A historic site located within the Glen Canyon National Recreation Area,  it is named for Mormon Leader John D. Lee, who set up ferry service for Mormon settlers heading south to Arizona.

Apache Warriors

Apache Wars of the Southwest – Though not always well known, this series of battles is the longest war in U.S. history.

Quapaw Tribe – The Quapaw people are a Siouan tribe, closely related to the Kanza, Omaha, Osage, and Ponca.

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Did You Know?

U.S. Fun Facts and Trivia

Although Ohio is listed as the 17th state in the U.S., it is technically 47th because Congress forgot to vote on a resolution to admit it to the Union until 1953.

The hottest temperature recorded was in Death Valley, California on July 10, 1913. It was 134 degrees!

In 1893, an amendment was proposed to rename the U.S. into the “United States of the Earth”.

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Heck Thomas

Born January 3, 1850, Henry Andrew (Heck) Thomas was one of the Wild West’s most effective lawmen, apprehending dozens of notorious outlaws including members of the Doolin, Dalton, and Sam Bass Gangs.


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One Foot in the Stirrup and One on the Throttle

by Jim Hinckley

The passing of the horse. JS, Pughe, J Ottmann Lith Co NY, 1899

The Race to Gain Public Interest in Motor Vehicles

Automotive pioneers, visionaries, and eccentrics shared a common threat during the last decades of the 19th century and that was the wrath of neighbors and fellow citizens. Manifestations of their innovative efforts smoked, clanked, and startled horses into stampedes of destruction as well as mayhem.

Read more from author Jim Hinckley

Litchfield, Illinois - Route 66 Proud!

Litchfield Skyview Drive-In

Litchfield, like many other small towns along the Mother Road, has a lot of community pride and celebrates Route 66 from both a historical aspect, as well as what it means to the city today. This is evident in the care they spend in promoting the Mother Road and their preservation of vintage icons.

Read more about the history of Litchfield

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Oatman Donkeys

Oatman, Arizona – A Living Ghost Town - In its heyday, from the early 1900s to the 1940s, Oatman and the nearby town of Gold Road were the largest producers of gold in Arizona.

Susquehannock Indian Village by Herman Moll, 1720

Susquehannock Tribe of the Northeast - The name Susquehannock is thought to have been an Algonquin word meaning the “people of the Muddy River.” The Susquehannock was a confederacy of up to 20 smaller tribes, who occupied fortified villages along the Susquehanna River.

Iconic Roy's Cafe in Amboy, California

66 Recipes – Flavors of the Mother Road - Are you lucky enough to remember traveling the Mother Road when it was active? Remember stopping at your favorite eatery? Get nostalgic with some of these Route 66 Recipes.

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This is so wonderful to read! I’m currently trying to identify all the spots that my great great grandfather and family went through on their covered wagon trip to California (listed in daily journal entries) and they went through some of these exact places in 1865. - Bessie (Ref: Pony Express Stations Across the West)

That’s no way to get ahead. - KBarr (Ref: Black Jack Ketchum) [editors note: I see what you did there.. LOL]

One I remember as a kid:

Empty beer cans

on the road

are ugly many say,

but at night

reflecting bright

they safely guide the way.


Andy - (Ref: Where are the Burma Shave Signs?)

Your site is super informative -so many great articles! Appreciate your efforts. Alan 

Like to read the history of my native land, keep them coming. - Pip (Ref: Animas Forks, Colorado – Favorite on the Alpine Loop)

I’ve been reading your site for about 5 years now, very cool and interesting articles! Keep it up! - Stephen 

I sure enjoy your stories, thank you! - Patsy (Ref: Grand Gulf, Mississippi – A Bustling Port Along the River)

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