Subject: Legends Of America Newsletter - May 2021

A tribute to lost souls, Gift from France, An unlucky lawman, Strange things afoot near Roswell and much more!

Legends of America Newsletter - May 2021

In this newsletter:

  • A tribute to lost souls

  • Gift from France arrives in New York

  • An unlucky lawman

  • Strange things afoot near Roswell

and much more!

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I hope everyone is having a peaceful Memorial Day, and that you and your family have taken time to reflect on the significance of this holiday. It is interesting how this tradition of honoring our fallen heroes has changed over the years. Be sure to check out our article on the Evolution of National Cemeteries, which includes a brief history of what is now known as Memorial Day.

We're still pondering on our next travel adventure. Kathy thought we would be going somewhere in June, but apparently, our grandkids actually want to see us once in a while, so it may be July before we're outta here again.

Joey Alexander

In the meantime, Kathy and I decided we needed to replace our missing team member, so if you will, please welcome Joey to Legends of America. Her name before coming to live with our pack was Jolene, but Kathy and I both just couldn't stand the earworm that left us, so we changed it to Joey. Sorry, Dolly.

Joey is a 4 to 5-year-old Maltese, that up until a couple of months ago, had been owned by two different commercial breeders. We had such a rewarding experience rescuing Mr. Riley we wanted to do it again. Joey doesn't have a lot of dog skills like begging for treats, or understanding belly rubs, but she's coming along. After about a week in her new furever home, she has gone from slinking around to twirling as fast as she can when she gets excited. Our Ms. Kaydee is keeping Joey in check though, standing on top of her when she's being "too cute". A huge Thank YOU to the Stover Missouri Animal Rescue for bringing this joy into our home. They do great work as a No-Kill nonprofit 501(c)3 dog and cat rescue in central Missouri. We couldn't be happier to have Joey on the Legends' team.


Dave "Pack Instructor and Chief Hound" Alexander

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What's New on LOA

Here are some of the recent additions since our last newsletter

Iron Town Utah ruins

Old Iron Town, Utah – Iron City, Utah was once a busy mining town in the 1870s producing iron for Mormon settlers, railroads, and more near Cedar City. Today it is part of the Frontier Homestead State Park.

Pipe Spring National Monument – Pipe Spring National Monument has a long history of bringing peoples to its life-giving waters along the Arizona Strip.

David Jackson – David Edward Jackson was a pioneer, explorer, trader, and fur trapper who was well known in the American West.

Louisiana Civil War Battles – A look at the battles and military operations during the Civil War that involved Louisiana.

Arkansas Civil War Battles – Arkansas raised 48 infantry regiments, 20 artillery batteries, and over 20 cavalry regiments for the Confederacy, mostly serving in the Western Theater.

Welcome to Damar Kansas

Damar (From our Legends of Kansas website) Damar was established along the Union Pacific Railroad in 1888 by a community of French Canadians. Some had emigrated from Canada as early as 1871, settling on farms along the Rooks County-Graham County line in northwest Kansas.

Toronto, Kansas – (From our Legends of Kansas website) Toronto is a small town in southwest Woodson County, situated on the Verdigris River that got its start in 1869.

Manhattan, Kansas – (From our Legends of Kansas website) In March 1855, a group of abolitionists of the New England Emigrant Aid Company traveled to Kansas Territory to found a Free-State town, first called Boston.

Eudora – (From our Legends of Kansas website) Eudora got its start when a German company from Illinois bought 800 acres from the Shawnee Tribe.

There's more! We added 18 new articles since our last newsletter.

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Did You Know?

Statue of Liberty

On June 17, 1885, a gift from France arrives to much fanfare in New York Harbor. The Statue of Liberty Enlightening the World is a universal symbol of freedom and democracy.

Read about Liberty Island

Jerome, MO - A Tribute to the Trail of Tears

Jerome MO and the Trail of Tears Memorial

Just outside the small town of Jerome, a tribute to lost souls on the Trail of Tears remains an attraction along old Route 66 in Missouri. And recently it is seeing a comeback thanks to efforts to preserve this quirky stop.  

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The Roswell Incident

Roswell Daily Record from 1947

It was June 14, 1947, when William “Mack” Brazel rode out on the J.B. Foster Ranch, which Brazel operated to check the stock. Riding along with him was his neighbor’s, Floyd and Loretta Proctor, son. The pair soon came upon a large amount of strange debris spread throughout an area of about 200 yards.

Learn more here...

Pat Garrett - An Unlucky Lawman

Pat Garrett

Born June 5, 1850, Patrick Floyd Jarvis Garrett would be forever known as the man who killed Billy the Kid. However, his story is much more than that day in New Mexico.


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Town view of Silverton, Colorado

Silverton, Colorado – High in the San Juans - The Town of Silverton was established in Baker’s Park in 1874, and Francis Marion Snowden built the first log cabin. The town was officially organized in September, and a townsite was laid out.

Red Cloud

Red Cloud – Lakota Warrior & Statesman - Among latter-day chiefs, Red Cloud was notable as quiet, simple, and direct in speech, courageous in action, an ardent lover of his country, and possessed in a marked degree of the manly qualities characteristic of the American Indian in his best days.

Black Bart

Charles “Black Bart” Bowles – The Poet Outlaw – Black Bart’s stage robbery career lasted just over 8 years. Described as always being polite, never used foul language, didn’t steal from the passengers, and never used his shotgun.

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What our Readers are saying:

The Sundance kid and Butch Cassidy is the best old west outlaw story ever told; the wild bunch had the most intriguing people to learn about. Jamie (Ref: The Wild Bunch)

A Great Read. And Info! Bobby (Ref: Choctaw – Agriculturists of the Southern Indians)

Very interesting information about outlaws. What a wonderful site.Thank You for sharing. We have an Antique Mall in Sherman, Texas and have devoted a portion of it to outlaws of the area… specifically Jesse and Frank James and the Quantrill gang. Look forward to following you. Jeanette (Ref: The Lee Gang – Murder & Thievery on the Texas Border)

Thank you – great history story. My Former father-in-law, now passed was born at Canyon Diablo. Aaron Drye – the Drye’s came by wagon and had two homesteads – canyon Diablo and Anderson Pass – Aaron was born in 1920 – In the late 30’s he sold tickets to the zoo and knew the people there – his stories align mostly with this one – in WWII he and his wife Maudie guarded the rail bridge. Their ranch was at Twin Arrows – now a casino. Andy (Ref: Two Guns, Arizona - Death by Highway)

Thanks for the additional history on a great man. It will be passed on to my son who is with ICE in Austin, Texas. Sam (Ref: Bill Jordan - Gunfighter Legend)

This was great! I lived in Halltown or close to from 1956-1984. When l lived in Halltown, I lived on Hwy 66 (Main St). Earlier I lived next to the cemetery, I got to watch them build I-44. Rusty (Ref: Halltown, Missouri – Where Yesterday Meets Today)

I love this story, I’m a gold prospector and never get tired of reading it. Jose (Ref: Victorio Peak, New Mexico Mystery Treasure)

Your website and recipes are so great! My son is having 4th grade Pioneer Day where they dress as pioneers, go to a farm, use pioneer tools, and have “school” in a one room school house old style. They have to bring a lunch that pioneer kids would have eaten and your recipes have helped me SO MUCH! I love them! Thank you! Kim (Ref: Frontier Recipes - The 'Real' Old Stuff From The Old West)

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