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Web Development Meetup in Torun, new podcast episode. Bright dev newsletter is here!

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🚀 a free webinar about React App Testing,

🌐 web development event in Toruń (Poland) for TS & JS enthusiasts,

🎧 top podcasts in 2023 from iOS developer's perspective,

🤩 product designer's career from zero to hero,

🎥 programming tips from an expert with over 12 years of experience,

🧠 the recipe for developing solution-oriented mindset,

🎶 discussion abut flexibility in software developer's job.

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React App Testing – free webinar

Don't miss out the opportunity to take your React app testing skills to the next level! During the webinar we will dive into React Testing Library, and understand when and how to use it effectively. We will also discuss the topics of context API in tests and most common testing mistakes. Secure your spot today! The webinar will be held in Polish.

let's talk about web in Toruń

Join Toruń Web Development Meetup!👋This group is for all passionate individuals interested in web technologies & frontend development with a focus on Typescript, JavaScript, and ReactJS. The first meetup is planned for October.

top podcasts in 2023 from iOS developer's perspective

Are you an iOS developer, or maybe a technology maniac with a bias for Apple? Do you listen to podcasts (if not, then start 😉)? Here are the top picks for iOS and general tech-related podcasts to listen to in 2023.

a product designer who sees through the code

Joanna successfully redesigned her career from IT Administrator to Junior Product Designer. After landing her dream job, she has been determined to create software products that combine clients’ expectations and high-quality design standards.

brightdevtips by Piotr Mionskowski 🎥

Why should you watch these videos? To get quick tips and learn something new in under a minute! These are technical tips prepared by Piotr Mionskowski – a senior full stack developer and tech lead with over 12 years of professional experience in backend APIs, distributed systems, backend frameworks, and databases.

how to develop solution-oriented mindset in your life (and in your team) 🙌

Human progress is driven by identifying and solving problems not thinking about them. We should work towards solutions and improvements, promoting a more balanced view of the world.  Acknowledging the positive aspects and celebrating achievements can help shift our perception away from a solely problem-focused lenses. 

brightdevtalks 🎶🎶

The podcast is in Polish and each episode tells the story about how to deal with different dilemmas in software developer's world. In the episode 9 we talk about flexibility in software developer's job in a constant evolving technology landscape.

see you in October!