Subject: WebSockets, iOS 📱 tests in Quick, bus factor 🚌, startup mistakes 💣 and Johari window! 🔍

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holidays are always a good time to read a bit. Today we have prepared for you a bunch of inspirations from frontend, iOS and Android world as well as some insights considering career growth and feedback. Hope you will like it.

🟧 Sharing WebSocket connections between browser tabs and windows,

🟧 Focusing tests in Quick [a tip for iOS developers],

🟧 How to inject navigation argument directly into View Model [Jetpack Compose and Hilt],

🟧 How to protect software development projects from bus factor problem,

🟧 Mistakes startups make when developing their mobile products,

🟧 Check out how to make refactoring with a modern IDE,

🟧 The Johari Window [a tool in feedback processing],

🟧 Dancing with the code, technical excellence and challenges that you can come across your programming career.


Sharing WebSocket Connections between Browser Tabs and Windows

Explore a solution that lets you optimize WebSocket usage when your users open your application in different tabs or windows. By sharing WebSocket connections between those tabs and windows, we can make your web application work more efficiently and smoothly. So, let's dive in and discover some helpful strategies for achieving seamless WebSocket connection sharing between browser tabs and windows.

Focusing Tests in Quick [Tip for iOS Developers]

When writing unit tests in Quick, you can easily change it to fit to have a focused test – then only this one will execute. It is great for debugging. Check it out!

How to Inject Navigation Argument Directly into View Model [Jetpack Compose and Hilt]

When using the Jetpack Compose navigation you may sooner or later come across the problem of passing arguments between the screens. The solution is fairly well described in the official Android documentation. Let's go over a few issues that you might encounter on the way.

How to Protect Software Development Projects from Bus Factor Problem

Do you know what a bus factor is? Should it be a nightmare for startups? Check out the best practices to protect your client's projects from the bus factor risk.

Mistakes Startups Make When Developing Their Mobile Product

If you’ve ever worked at an early-stage startup, then for sure you know the feeling when a concept you’ve been working intensely on for many months, is finally entering the development phase. To help you make this a productive and informed process, we’ve listed some of the most common startup mistakes in mobile app development that can be avoided.

Check out how to make refactoring with
a modern IDE

Whether you're a seasoned developer or just starting out, this video will inspire you to embrace code refactoring and leverage the power of modern IDEs to transform your coding experience. Don't miss out on this opportunity to refine your skills and take your coding prowess to the next level.

The Johari Window  [a Tool in Feedback Processing]

The Johari Window is 4-box matrix. Each quadrant offers us a different approach to self-development and contains information about our self-awareness and how others see us. The information can be transferred from one area to another through mutual trust. Let us now take a deeper look at each of them. 

brightdevtalks 🎶🎶

The podcast is in Polish and each episode tells the story about how to deal with different dilemmas in software developer's world. In the episode 8 we talk about dancing with the code, technical excellence and challenges that you can come across your programming career.

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