Subject: Daily Gospel Reading - Saturday, September 28, 2013
Weekday Gospel Reflection
Saturday in the Twenty Fifth Week of Ordinary Time

43b While all were marveling at all the things which Jesus did, he said to his disciples, 44 “Let these words sink into your ears, for the Son of Man will be delivered up into the hands of men.” 45 But they didn’t understand this saying. It was concealed from them, that they should not perceive it, and they were afraid to ask him about this saying.

Luke 9:43b-45 - World English Bible

After Jesus exorcised a child, amazement of the crowd followed. Then, he turned to his followers and predicted his betrayal, but they didn't understand.

When we seek the will of God, sometimes we don't get it. We inject our prejudices. Our presuppositions blind us. We pray, assuming with know the answer to our petition. Unfortunately, we focus on ourselves, not on God. That's the problem, the same one the disciples faced. They didn't understand simply because their vision of the Messiah didn't match that of Jesus. They wanted a winner and not a hero who faced a tragic end. So do we.

Of course, we have the advantage of hindsight. Jesus died and rose from the dead. But that doesn't answer the challenge the Lord gave his disciples and, by extension, us. Are we willing to place our preconceived notions aside and take a chance with God?

Pray for God's will this day, no matter where it leads you.

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