Subject: Libra "Black" Moon, October Update & Your Karmic Match

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Dear Stargazers,

This newsletter is a bit off schedule (and there may be more than a few typos), but I wanted to be sure you received this jam-packed issue in time for tomorrow's new moon.

Although the energy of the September 16 lunar eclipse was rough (and literally brought explosions in New Jersey & New York), its energy was helpful to me as it brought more than a few things to light. Of course, Uranus moving away from an opposition to my Moon after several months was also helpful. My moon is in the 6th house, which happens to rule pets, and for the past few months my little love bug Valentino suffered from one unexpected affliction after another. Fortunately, he's better which made Wednesday's birthday an extra special celebration.

Finally, if you'd like to have a session with me before the end of this year, I urge you to BOOK IT NOW to guarantee an appointment because my availability will be limited in November and December due to other professional commitments (announcements coming soon!) 

That said, it's time to say:
Happy Birthday, Libra!

There's plenty to smile about as Jupiter blesses your sign with optimism and abundance until October 10, 2017. If you want to take a major step forward in some area of your life, Jupiter's expansive energy can help you achieve success. 

Just remember that an important key to making the most of this energy is to remember that abundance is a double-edged sword. In other words, as you go forward, be mindful not to bite off more than you can chew or you may run into trouble when it comes to delivering on your promise. If you peek into Jupiter's overstuffed suitcase, you'll find overconfidence, exaggeration and excess packed in there along with prosperity and success. 

So think big, aim high and keep it real. If you do, Jupiter's bountiful energy will help your Sun do what it does best: Shine!
The Autumn Equinox

In the northern hemisphere, the 0° point of Libra marks the autumn equinox; and here in New York, the air is crisp, the leaves are starting to show a tinge of color and the rain and wind will ultimately strip the trees bare.

Autumn is a time of transition; it's a bridge that takes us from the bountiful summer to the barren winter, and as we cross it, we have the opportunity to experience internal growth by embracing the higher qualities of the signs that comprise the season. >>Read More

September 30: Black Moon in Libra

The Libra new moon is a Black Moon because it's the second new moon to occur in the same month (the last new moon was the solar eclipse on September 1). When we have two full moons in the same month, the second one is referred to as a Blue Moon. While it's a stretch to call it rare, it certainly is uncommon.

The new moon is the first phase in the lunar cycle, and at this point, it's completely in the Sun's shadow. Shortly after the new moon, you may see the tiniest hint of light which is actually earthshine

Since new moons are associated with initiation and new starts, the life areas ruled by the house in your horoscope that hosts the new moon represent fertile ground for planting seeds for a new beginning. Which life areas might be ripe for a new beginning in your chart?

If your Sun Sign is:

Aries, the new moon falls in your solar 7th house of lawsuits and one-to-one relationships
Taurus, the new moon falls in your solar 6th house of work, health, service, pets
Gemini, the new moon falls in your solar 5th house of romance, children, creativity
Cancer, the new moon falls in your solar 4th house of home, family, real estate, parents and intuition.
Leo, the new moon falls in your solar 3rd house of siblings, short trips, transportation and all types of communications.
Virgo, the new moon falls in your solar 2nd house of money, income, values & self-worth
Libra, the new moon falls in your solar 1st house - it's
 all about YOU!
Scorpio, the new moon falls in your solar 12th house of solitude, secrets, past lives and clairvoyance.
Sagittarius, the new moon falls in your solar 11th house of goals, casual friends, colleagues and group relationships.
Capricorn, the new moon falls in your solar 10th house of career, status and fame.
Aquarius, the new moon falls in your solar 9th house of foreign travel, higher education, legal matters and publishing. 
Pisces, the new moon falls in your solar 8th house of intimacy, other people's money and support, jointly-held assets and transformation.
Manifesting with the New Moon

While you can set any intention or initiate any type of activity under any new moon, a Libra new moon is especially beneficial for new starts connected to ALL types of 1:1 relationships. That means whether it's personal or professional, romantic or platonic, or familial or adversarial, if it's a 1:1 relationship, Libra presides over it.

So what's the best way to harness this energy and make it work for you? Set an intention, then follow up with an action to support it.

There are many ways to set new moon intentions that range from simple affirmations to detailed rituals. In and of itself, the method you use doesn't matter; what matters is that the method connects with your energy. In other words, if writing your intentions down once (or a 100 times), putting them on a vision board, performing a ritual outside or any one of numerous ways to set an intention resonates with you, then that's the one to use.

For many people, the hardest part of intention setting isn't setting the intention, but letting go of it and allowing it to take root on its own. If that's an issue for you, then you're probably making your intention the same way you make a wish: you make it and hope it comes true. Don't get me wrong; I'm not knocking hope but many times when we're hoping for something, deep inside we're a little fearful that it won't happen.

The smallest doubt can crush the best intentions, which is why when you set an intention, it has to be more than a wish; you have to decide that you're getting it. You don't need to decide when or how; you just need to decide that one way or another it's coming to you. I know it's not as easy as it sounds, but if you've ever been determined to acquire or accomplish something and succeeded, you weren't hoping for it; you decided you were going to get it. That's the mentality you need when setting intentions.

As for taking action, it can be big or it can be small but it needs to be comfortable. For example, if your intention for this Libra moon is to attract a committed relationship, you can take a big action (e.g., join a dating site) or a small one (make a list of the fun things you intend to do with your partner). Why? Think of it as an energetic booster shot for your intention.

Intentions Favored by the Libra New Moon

Again, you can set any intention under any new moon but when it's in Libra, this new moon favors intentions associated with:
  • New relationships, such as a life partner, a business partner or a new best friend.
  • Opportunities to mend fences in all types of relationships.
  • Attracting new clients or starting a new business in the legal, artistic or beauty-related professions.
  • Legal settlements and court actions
This energy also supports intentions to find new interior decorators, wedding planners, cosmetic surgeons, estheticians, hairstylists and - new clothes!
Planets on the Move
October 1 - 15

As the Sun continues to make its way through Libra, its ruling planet Venus is immersed in Scorpio’s deep, dark and seductive waters. Whereas her airy Libra side is most uncomfortable being immersed in this intensely emotional sign, the earthy Taurus side of her is attracted to Scorpio because they share a common interest in sex, money and control. >>Read More

On October 7, Mercury will join the Sun and Jupiter in Libra where he'll have plenty of opportunities to learn about the art of balance as he finds his need to share impartial conclusions at odds with Libra's people-pleasing ways. >>Read More
While Venus is immersed in the sign of her fall, Mars has entered the sign of his exaltation. Just barely three days into his six-week tour of Capricorn, Mars is already playing for all the marbles. >>Read More.
Juno: Your Karmic Match Made in Heaven

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