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When you go out, you want the best… for your family, your guests, and yourself (why not!). But wining and dining can be a disaster if you choose the wrong venue. Let our “foodie” e-newsletters help you shop for the right selection, quality, staff, and atmosphere.

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Saporalia Italian Gourmet Food from Italian ArtisansSaporalia is a Brand selling Italian Gourmet high end food and beverage, exclusively focused on Importer and Distributors. We sell from Italy to all over the World many artisanal productssaporalia_autoresp2020-09-28 15:59:24
by Mariano from Saporalia
Shop'NCook Mobile Kitchen app betaMailing list for the beta testing of Shop'NCook Mobile Kitchen app.shopncook_app_beta2013-06-27 04:41:27
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Daily Simple RecipesAwesome recipes for family and food lovers. Find all your favorite recipes here and more!daily_simple_recipes2017-02-03 09:21:25
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I Love Grilling Meat NewsletterYou are receiving grilling, meat smoking, barbecuing recipes, tools, techniques, articles, offers because you subscribed to our newsletter by including entering our monthly smoker giveaway, downloading a recipe or guides, or placing an order.ilgm_reengage2020-08-26 21:51:19
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