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Hi Friend,

In our last update, I shared about the travesty of sexual assault in our schools and how we all have a lot of work to do. Given the prevalence of toxic behaviours driven by p0rn and the often devastating outcomes on safety and mental health, our young people need many more opportunities to consider if the messages they receive about sex and relationships are helpful, healthy or safe.

As a recap of what is happening in the daily lives of our young people, Dr Michael Salter explains: "Stories of boys raping girls, boys forcing girls to perform oral sex, boys anally raping girls, boys assaulting their girlfriends, boys assaulting girls who are unconscious, sharing the stories and the images and the videos with their friends. In one case, uploading illicitly taken videos to a widely available p0rn website. Some girls are as young as 13. The boys are their peers."

Education is vital, and in fact, education and conversations are our kids only defence. Our young people didn't ask for this–a multi-billion-dollar industry and hypersexualised culture cultivated an environment where toxic messages have been normalised. Young people need our help.

However, a key obstacle is that schools are often overwhelmed with all the other topics they need to be across and are not sure how to integrate preventative discussions without shame to counter p0rns messages. Equally challenging is inspiring young people to expect safe, respectful, trusting, consenting, and equal relationships. This dilemma is where we come in.

We have now launched our brand-new e-Learning portal and Virtual Student Workshops, enabling schools and youth-focused organisations to benefit from our expertise. Our virtual presentations are an excellent option for digital schools, regional areas, overseas schools, and for those who potentially can’t budget for travel. Here's what's on offer:
  1. Schools or youth-focused organisations can access our 4-part Virtual Workshop for senior students. Building Connected Relationships in a P0rn Saturated Culture is a 3-lesson virtual workshop + LIVE Q and A, written by specialist educators for students aged 16-18 (Years 10-12 in Australia). Another series of workshops for Years 8-10 are on their way soon.
  2. We also have Building Connected Relationships in a P0rn Saturated Culture without the Q and A as a 3-part virtual workshop. PLUS, we have the Q and A available as a separate 30-45 minutes session, accessible by schools that deliver any of our resources.
  3. And finally, you can also opt for LIVE Virtual Student Workshops–available for any secondary school year level, tailored to your requirements. Virtual Student Workshops enable schools to select any of our sessions for up to 70-minutes–this includes time for Q and A. These presentations are an excellent option for Australian and New Zealand regional areas, digital schools, and those who potentially can't budget for interstate travel.
All of our virtual workshops come with pre-session teacher preparation and post-session discussion questions, a student support page for access to follow-up information, and BONUS training and resources designed to motivate the implementation of p0rnography and online safeguarding education within your school or youth-focussed organisation.

Let me know if you have any questions about these resources designed to keep young people safe. And, as schools in Australia focus on the National Day of Action against Bullying and Violence tomorrow, keep in mind how imperative it is to address the ways that p0rn drives these behaviours.

Till next time, be well and stay inspired.
Friday 19 March is the National Day of Action against Bullying and Violence (NDA).
Run by Bullying. No Way! NDA brings Australian school communities together to make a stand against bullying and violence.
eSafety will support this important event with a Virtual Classroom titled Be an eSafe kid: Being an upstander, held between 12 to 22 March. Suitable for students in years 3-6, this webinar explores how young people can support their friends online. Register your class today.
You can also download the NDA fact sheets for primary and secondary students, which provide tips for children who experience bullying. For more information on how you can get involved with the NDA, visit Bullying. No Way!.

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