Subject: Friend, Happy Safer Internet Day, 2021!

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Hi Friend,

Happy Safer Internet Day!

As you may be aware, every day in some form or another, our team creatively develops and designs educational resources to help keep kids safer online to prevent p0rn harms. At Youth Wellbeing Project, we believe that EVERY DAY is an opportunity to help young minds stay safer on the internet.

Today, however, is an opportunity to profile this issue–Safer Internet Day activities are happening around the world this week! eSafety is the official committee in Australia and a leader in the global effort. To celebrate, eSafety runs webinars for school students, parents and carers. They also share tips and resources that help all communities throughout Australia talk about online issues and the best strategies for staying safe. If you are yet to do so, be sure to access their resources.

And us? Youth Wellbeing Project is celebrating by bringing you two new FREE resources! The first is featured as our newsletter banner–#01 in a series of Fact Sheets for schools and communities. Jam-packed with educational info and helpful tips, we've designed them for sharing in your parent portal, newsletter, or at educational events. Access Fact Sheet #01 here and stay tuned for more.

The second free resource is our Parent Help 101 webpage. Parent Help 101 directs families to our favourite resources to help you raise p0rn resilient kids and critical-thinking teens. This is your "go to" resource when you want to point parents to the most targeted resources for support regarding p0rn harms.

Keep reading for more resources ~ free live webinars from eSafety available in February and March; a skill-building workshop for community workers in Brisbane by Dr Michael Flood (Tuesday 16 February); and details about MotoV8 Workshops (starting this weekend) for Parents of Boys in Brisbane, the Fraser Coast and Emerald—not to be missed!

Expect us in your inbox again soon with more great info–particularly for our overseas friends!

Till next time, be well and stay inspired.
Motov8ing Boys in Brisbane, the Fraser Coast and Emerald

Motov8ing Boys is an event for boys aged 11-17 and their parents.

~ Do you worry about your son’s behaviour or attitude; or maybe he needs help building his confidence?
~ Does your son struggle to care about or see his potential?
~ Or are you just tired of repeating yourself over and over again only to get the same result, or even worse get no response at all?

One of the biggest deficits seen in young people today is a lack of social & emotional intelligence. This can lead to a whole range of problems at home, at school and with friends both on & off life.

If you can relate to some or maybe even all of these then the Motov8ing Boys event is for you and it's time you met John McMahon. "The Rev" is a long-term colleague and friend of Youth Wellbeing Project and we are sure you won't be disappointed! Click here for event details and learn more about MotoV8.

Focus in on Safer Internet Day!

This Safer Internet Day 2021, eSafety's webinar will look at how parents and carers can support young people to have safe and respectful online relationships and what to do if things go wrong. Access dates and information for eSafety's parent guide to cyberbullying and online drama and share with parents in your communities. 

eSafety has also prepared a suite of educational information, resources and activities for educators–young children, primary students and secondary students

As a reminder, eSafety is also your "go to" if you need to report cyberbully, image-based abuse, or illegal or harmful content in Australia.

Starting the conversation about p0rnography: a skill building workshop for community workers
1PM - 4.30PM

P0rnography is an important issue for young people and adults alike. How can community workers, youth educators, and others start conversations about p0rnography?
Offering a combination of small group discussions, panel presentation and facilitated reflections, this workshop delivered by Dr Michael Flood will give participants valuable resources and skills in navigating conversations about p0rnography use and its impact. Click here to download the flyer.

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