Subject: Friend, Age Verification is a step closer and IQ PROGRAMS are more accessible 🙌 🙌

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Hi Friend,

Great news for kids in Australia - the Federal Government has finally responded to calls to protect children from online p0rnography by showing support for implementing Age Verification. The response is encouraging, but there is still much to be done. 

As many readers would be aware, I've extensively invested in advocating for this Digital Child Protection Buffer as a crucial front line defence for our children’s online safety. But the fact that AV is not a silver bullet is another opportunity to emphasise the importance of education. When we consider both measures side by side, simply put, P0rn & Online Safety Education doesn’t stand a hope of catching up and keeping up while ever the deluge of p0rn is readily delivered to our kids through mobile phones and every other digital device in their world. It’s too hard a task to expect parents to protect their kids from a multi-billion dollar p0rn industry on their own, and thankfully, the Australian Government agrees. Read more about this update here.

But how can we improve on the education front? IQ PROGRAMS are one way to equip children and young people with critical thinking skills to respond to digital harms, and we are delighted to announce they are now accessible to MORE schools and homeschooling parents

Our gift to you is making the IQ PROGRAMS units available at an exceptionally value-rich price. Units are now accessible to schools for $290 AUD and homeschooling parents for $90 AUD. This investment is a ONE TIME FEE. We want to reach as many educators as possible, and our kids simply cannot wait for measures such as Age Verification for them to be protected. They must have access to education that keeps them safe–our hope is that you can help us make this possible. Access the FAQs to learn more, or head straight to our Course Directory.

Finally, if you are yet to respond, we would still like to hear from child and youth-helping professionals with all levels of understanding and experience in addressing problematic behaviours resulting from p0rn harms. In particular, we would appreciate anyone willing to provide our RMIT placement students with the opportunity to practice their interviewing skills. The result? The P0rn Harms Toolkit will provide schools and child- and youth-focused organisations with a "go to" resource that supports their understanding of how to address p0rn harms. It will only take 5 minutes–in anticipation, thank you!

Till next time, be well and stay inspired.

Aside from the technical details of which we hope that Safety, Security and Privacy are upheld in equal measures of importance, the need for a multifaceted approach cannot be underestimated. The eSafety Commissioner, Julie Inman Grant, has repeatedly reinforced the message that age verification should not be seen as a silver bullet because when it comes to the internet, there is no such thing. That said, the Commissioner confirms that technically, age verification has shown promising advancements. READ MORE.

If you work one-on-one with children and young people, we would love you to take a few minutes to help with this initiative

We also invite you to put your hand up to be interviewed, and share this survey with your school or community psychologist, counsellor, social worker or chaplain, and connections within NGOs or government departments such as health or child safety. Thank you!!

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