Subject: Starting strong by safely addressing tricky topics in the classroom

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One of the lessons learned from COVID is that now, more than ever, kids need support to stay safe online. With less time out and about and increased time spent using technology, online exploitation has skyrocketed, as has young people's use of p0rn.

To help you overcome those awkward feelings about approaching this topic in schools, this month I partnered with Media Savvy Moms in Canada to bring you a podcast jam-packed with helpful advice. Key points we cover on the How to discuss p0rnography in the classroom podcast include:
  • Prioritising the prevention of sexual harms
  • Being aware of the misguided approach 
  • The BIG PICTURE approach
  • And P0rn & Online Safeguarding Education (POSE)
This free podcast is available here with all the relevant links and resources, or you can also find Media Savvy Moms on Apple Podcasts, Google Play, Spotify, or wherever you listen to podcasts. They ALWAYS provide great advice for parents on the topics of tech and p0rn, and are one of our "go to" places we will recommend to families this year.

Keep reading for more free resources ~ information about Safer Internet Day resources (Tuesday 9 February), a skill building workshop for community workers in Brisbane by Dr Michael Flood (Tuesday 16 February), and details about POSE.

Youth Wellbeing Project will be back in your inbox soon, and are excited for 2021 as we continue to support schools and community organisations with strategies and resources to build online literacy and counter hypersexualised harms.

Till next time, be well and stay inspired.

Safer Internet Day on Tuesday 9 February is a great opportunity for early learning services and schools to raise awareness about online issues and share strategies for staying safe.

So eSafety has prepared a suite of educational information, resources and activities to help you start the chat – it's all here at your finger tips!

In addition to support for schools, find resources, activities and tips to help you start the chat about online safety with your family, friends, colleagues and community in 2021.
Starting the conversation about p0rnography: a skill building workshop for community workers
1PM - 4.30PM

P0rnography is an important issue for young people and adults alike. How can community workers, youth educators, and others start conversations about p0rnography?
Offering a combination of small group discussions, panel presentation and facilitated reflections, this workshop delivered by Dr Michael Flood will give participants valuable resources and skills in navigating conversations about p0rnography use and its impact. Click here to download the flyer.

P0rn & Online Safeguarding Education (POSE) supports children and young people to build critical literacy skills to minimise p0rn and other online or contact harms, equipping them for wellbeing. This includes age-sensitive information to inform relationships that are safe, respectful, trusting, consenting and equal.

POSE situates p0rn education within a framework of balancing content around other pivotal areas of accepted child-development and safeguarding education. Learn more about each focus within POSE here.

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