Subject: It’s here! The answer we’ve all been waiting for …

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It's here! The answer we've all been waiting for!

It's no surprise that we are currently in the midst of a seismic social experiment. Instead of straight answers to curious questions, young people are met with an “eye-full of everything” via online p0rn, pop-ups, secret chats, hyper-sexed selfies, and a swipe left or right “judge with a click” instant gratification online culture.

We have two choices. Either leave our kids to their own "devices"—or, confront this toxic culture with the best defence we have—education. Many schools are feeling the burden, but simply don’t know where to start.
IQ PROGRAMS equip educators for the task of supporting kids and teens to author their future. Meeting child-safety, developmental and wellbeing needs, teachers receive guided narratives and comprehensive tools to help them deliver tricky conversations confidently. We now have available:
Umbrella for ages 6-7
• Brain Burger for ages 12-13
• Clean Sweep for ages 14-15
 And more units coming soon!
HUNDREDS OF HOURS have gone into creating IQ PROGRAMS, providing educators with confidence and saving schools hours of time and stress.

Discover why Youth Wellbeing Project is the number one provider to help schools and communities with p0rn harms prevention education.

We hope you enjoy our new look website that caters to our Australian and international audiences. We bring you classroom curriculum, and online professional training and student presentations. The main Youth Wellbeing Project website is still as helpful as ever—the "go to" for school and community presentations which are limited to Queensland during COVID-19 restrictions.

Expect more regular updates from us as we work to support schools, community and family to protect kids from online p0rn ... it's a matter of child protection.

Till next time, be well and stay inspired.

Liz Walker and the Youth Wellbeing Project team

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