Subject: Equip your school with free parents resources & upcoming conferences

Dear Friend,

Can you believe we're a quarter of the way through 2018? It's really good to be back in touch with you and share what's happening. It's been a busy time for me creating resources for parents and schools - below is just a little taste of what's been going on... 

In my role as consultant Director of Health Education for Culture Reframed, I'm very excited to let you know that the Culture Reframed Parents Program is now available! Starting with a focus on Parents of Tweens, this complete best-practice toolkit gives parents the skills and knowledge they need to raise p0rn-resilient kids. To reverse the impacts of hypersexualization, encourage the parents in your schools and networks to access this incredible resource and begin life-changing conversations today.

And a big announcement this month with the registered health promotion charity P0RN HARMS KIDS changing its name to eChildhoodI am privileged to Chair eChildhood, so learn about our great work here, and what we are doing on behalf of Australian schools and parents. Please consider pledging your support for updated legislation and education to address p0rnography as a public health crisis that increases children and young people's vulnerabilities to sexual harms. You may also be interested in investing a tax-deductible donation to this vitally important work.

I also wanted to let you know about a couple of events I'll be speaking at, focussing on equipping schools and those who work with children and young people to keep kids safe. Keep reading below.

I'll be back in contact soon to let you know about other fantastic resources launching soon. Every time I'm speaking with schools I receive the same report. Our kids are drowning in a toxic sea of violence and misogyny online, and unless we address this, violence against women is going to reach a whole new level. Although I haven't been in contact often, know that myself and the teams of expert professionals I'm working with are doing all we can to create tools for you to deal with this. Follow me on Social Media to keep up - links below.

Have a wonderful holiday break. Till next time, Liz Walker

Managing Director, Youth Wellbeing Project
Chair, eChildhood
Director of Health Education, Culture Reframed
Konnect Learning: Cyber Bullying Prevention in Schools
22-24 May, 2018, Sydney

Cyber Bullying is an increasing problem in our schools and communities, and can carry with it a terrible cost. With technology increasingly available at an increasingly young age, it is critical we teach our children how to protect themselves and their digital footprint in an adult online world. This forum will unite national perspectives in a bid to prevent unwanted behaviours, and, ultimately, to protect and nurture the most vulnerable citizens of our society.

At this conference, Liz Walker will deliver a 3-hour workshop: Resisting p0rn - the missing link in cyber education. 

National Protective Behaviours Conference 2018
30-31 August 2018, Brisbane

Empower Children To Speak Up. Educate Communities To Act And Listen.
Hosted by Act for Kids and Protective Behaviours, this two-day event features keynote speakers from all across Australia sharing their research, insights and knowledge of protective behaviours. Combined with informative and interactive workshops, attendees will walk away empowered with the knowledge to collectively reduce the incidence and impact of abuse and violence in the community and keep our kids safe.

At this conference, Liz Walker will deliver a Keynote: Actionable responses to p0rnography as a public health crisis.

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