Subject: ✪ The Light Project - equipping young people, their whanau and professionals

Dear Friend,

I am writing to you on behalf of an ally organisation undertaking a fantastic initiative about the pressing topic of the day: p-rn, and it's impact on children and young people. Please read on and consider completing this New Zealand survey, which will inform local responses to this issue. 

Please share this email with your colleagues and friends. Have a wonderful week. 

Kind Regards, Liz Walker
Managing Director, Youth Wellbeing Project
Director of Health Education, Culture Reframed
Chair, P-rn Harms Kids (Google us!)

Dear colleague,

My name is Lief Pearson I’m part of a team that has recently launched The Light Project, a NZ based pilot project which aims to equip young people, their whanau and youth stakeholders to navigate the new p-rn landscape.

The Light Project was established in response to the changing p-rn landscape for young people - with the majority of youth now consuming p-rn, and growing evidence suggesting it is significantly shaping their sexual beliefs, attitudes and behaviours. P-rn is an awkward and often silent issue and there is an urgent need for some dialogue in NZ - which is where The Light Project comes in.

The Light Project is currently developing NZ resources and training material to help youth and professionals better navigate this new p-rn landscape. As a key part of this, we are reaching out to schools, therapists and sexual health and youth organisations to hear what you think are the issues, identify any resources that could assist and any training needs you may have. To best inform this process, we wondered if you or other relevant people from your team would kindly participate in a very short anonymous survey (2-3 mins), as your feedback is important in helping shape a NZ response.

Please find below the links to the surveys:
Thank you so much, please don’t hesitate to be in touch should you have any queries.

Warm wishes,

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