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Dear Friend,

The Australian Federal Government is calling for submissions into an inquiry on Age Verification for online p0rnography.

If you've been following Youth Wellbeing Project and myself (Liz Walker) for a while, you may have noticed that in 2017, I co-founded eChildhood, an Australian registered health promotion charity, to address the harms of p0rn on children and young people. I made the decision back then that education was simply not enough—vitally important—but not enough to keep up with the tsunami of violent and degrading content being accessed unhindered by kids and youth, now often their main form of sex ed. To address this, myself and colleagues have been working solidly to see changes such as Age Verification implemented in Australia. In addition, I'm working on this issue globally—I refuse to believe that we have to accept the access of p0rnography by children at unprecedented levels as "normal", and am working relentlessly to respond to the current situation.

Statistically speaking, we know that around 60% of boys and 30% of girls see online p0rnography by the age of 12 (most often, content is violent, degrading and normalises extreme themes). The consequences of exposing children and youth to mainstream hardcore p0rnography can sometimes be evident straightaway; can compound over time; can lead to addiction and other mental health issues; or is sometimes only be realised when that young person first engages in sexual acts or a sexual relationship with a partner. Read about the research and get equipped with the facts.

This can be prevented but we MUST TAKE ACTION NOW. There are two ways you can make a submission.
  1. Via the official inquiry webpage (close date, Friday October 25)
  2. Via eChildhood – a simplified survey template with prompts that support you to address key areas. eChildhood will submit responses on your behalf (this option closes on Wednesday 23 October).
It will take you under 10 minutes to ensure our leaders hear your concerns and take action to protect our kids online from p0rn. Here's some helpful information to learn more about Age Verification:
I am urging schools, youth agencies and community members, PLEASE take the time to make a submission, share this email with other schools, orgs, friends and community, and consider signing up to support eChildhood. It’s a small window of opportunity so there’s never been a more important time to speak up and ensure the Australian government takes action for the protection of our children.

In other news, our presenter Megan Williamson, is working in multiple schools across Brisbane. A qualified secondary school teacher, Megan is delivering targeted sessions to support youth with understanding how p0rn and p0rn culture impacts identity (body image, pressures etc.), relationships (including sexting), and sex & relationships. If you are looking to equip students in the remaining weeks of the year, please reach out and lock in a date.

Till next time, stay inspired.
Liz Walker and the Youth Wellbeing Project team.
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IQ PROGRAMS are written to meet the emerging needs of children faced with growing up in a hypersexualised and p0rn-saturated culture.

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