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Dear Friend,

Behind the scenes I've been working around the clock to publish a new children's book and I'm thrilled to share that it's now available!

Hamish and the Shadow Secret is a unique new children’s book that deals explicitly with p0rnography, made available to coincide with National Child Protection Week in Australia.

Some “difficult to digest” statistics were published this year, indicating that by the age of 12 years, 65.5% of boys and 30% of girls have seen p0rnography (up from 14.4% and 8.7% in 2008). This same research found that whilst only 4% of 6-9-year-olds had seen p0rn, by the ages of 10-13-years, 27.2% were masturbating to online sexual content. Such exposure can have a range of troubling impacts including its influence on child-on-child sexual abuse, addiction and distorted views of sex and relationships.

Written for children aged 8-12-years, myself and Don Truss co-authored Hamish and the Shadow Secret to meet the needs of parents and carers who are desperate to know how to protect their kids from this content. In the coming months Youth Wellbeing Project will also be launching On Guard, a corresponding unit of the IQ PROGRAMS school curriculum, developed to create open conversations in a way that is developmentally safe.

Available on Amazon globally, order your copy of Hamish and the Shadow Secret today.

Keep reading below for more info about the new P0rn Resilient Kids website, along with details of the upcoming conferences I'm speaking at in Sydney and Brisbane this month.

Till next time, stay inspired.
Liz Walker and the Youth Wellbeing Project team.
Hamish and the Shadow Secret


When a child sees troubling images online, it’s important for them to be prepared to know how to respond. Hamish uncovers a world of wonder on tech devices, but he also encounters troubling, harmful images. Hamish and the Shadow Secret is an educational resource for engaging children in a safe and robust conversation about the harms of p0rnography. Written for children aged 8-12-years, Hamish and the Shadow Secret is a valuable inclusion in every home, school and counselling setting.
Corresponding with the publication of Hamish and the Shadow Secret is the launch of the P0RN RESILIENT KIDS, equipping families
for tricky conversations. T
his is a sister site to the IQ PROGRAMS that provide school curriculum to deal with this topic.
P0rnography Addiction: Building Digital Resilience Conference
Parents and carers are struggling to deal with this unprecedented crisis affecting the development of healthy children and young adults. Entrenched in broader technologies, such as social media, and peer-driven behaviours, p0rnography addiction is a serious problem that requires evidence-based interventions. Parents, carers, teachers, social workers, professionals, educators and any individuals concerned with the impact of p0rnography addiction in our society are invited to join us as we provide practical training that can equip you with the right tools to help you understand and tackle the issue. ~ book today.
Australian Summit Against Sexual Exploitation
The problem of sexual exploitation is enormous.The Summit will expose the seamless connection between sexual exploitation in p0rnography, objectification in advertising, sex trafficking / prostitution, and child sexual exploitation ~ book today.
Online Video Training for orgs: Responding to P0rn Culture
Can't make it to an event? For just $297, your whole team can access online training. Jam-packed with essential info: 
  • Learn about the effects of p0rn on the brain and pathways to compulsive use
  • Gain insight to understand varying impacts of internet p0rn on child and youth development, attitudes and behaviours such as problem sexualised behaviour, sexually abusive behaviours towards others and sending nude images
  • Learn about complex and interwoven dimensions of sexuality, and weigh up how external influences such as p0rn shapes personal attitudes and sexual belief systems
  • Consider how intimate partner violence is linked to p0rnography and male-dominated depictions of sexuality in media
  • Have sexuality, sexual health, sexual diversity and sexual rights explained in order to form a holistic response
  • Become familiar with best practice relationships and sexuality rationale and education frameworks
  • Plus MORE!
Convenient learning, no matter where you are. Single-user registrations are also available. 
Equipping Educators for Tricky Conversations

IQ PROGRAMS are written to meet the emerging needs of children faced with growing up in a hypersexualised and p0rn-saturated culture.

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