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Dear Friend,

I wanted to check-in and ask, with the kids and youth you work with, are you noticing a massive shift when it comes to sexual and often harmful behaviours?

If you are, you wouldn't be alone. We have had a surge of schools contact us to speak with students this term, frequently years 11 and 12. The email inquiries are very similar - "Can you please help us? We've noticed some concerning sexual behaviours emerging." 

Sadly, none of this is news to us. According to the research, the types of behaviours we can expect to see as a result of the influence of p0rn culture include increased harassment, incidences of assault, non-consensual filming and sharing of intimate images, group sex and addiction. The presence of easily accessible hardcore p0rnography in our kids lives means that it's more important than ever to provide young people with critical thinking skills to navigate the fallout. 

These behaviours can have a massive impact on students emotional, mental and physical safety and wellbeing, as well as negatively impact their ability to focus on studies, show empathy towards others and relate in healthy ways. 

Mum and Sexual Assault Counsellor, Stephanie Boye, noticed this trend and spent months researching and interviewing experts, of whom I was among. She has delivered this info in a brilliant TEDx Talk, and I can't even begin to tell you how important it is for EVERY person to watch. PLEASE SHARE it with every teacher and parent you know - ESSENTIAL info that stirs us to action to support kids and youth.

Stephanie was kind enough to review my new children's book, Hamish and the Shadow Secret. Scroll below to see what Stephanie said.

AND there are only 3 days left to secure your seat at the AWARE Conference - P0rnography Addiction: Building Digital Resilience. Thanks to a generous donor, tickets are now only $40!! I hope to see you there, along with my good friend and colleague Gabe Deem (all the way from Texas!) and other incredible speakers, including p0rn researcher Dr Michael Flood.

Keep reading below for details on all the great resources available to you to address this massive cultural issue, and we welcome those "can you please help us?" emails any time.

Till next time, stay inspired.
Liz Walker and the Youth Wellbeing Project team.
Hamish and the Shadow Secret
Hamish and the Shadow Secret is invaluable to parents and educators! It is special because it really shows the compassion adults need to express to kids who have found and or struggle with p0rnography and illustrates a really beautiful way we can help them understand about the danger of p0rn. Our fear based reaction is to be upset, which will only make them want to hide their secret. However, as someone who, as a kid, actively sought out National Geographic and my friends father's medical journals trying to see naked people, I understand it is age appropriate that they are curious. Sadly, curiosity today is proving to be damaging to our kids, and they are seeing far more than what National Geographic or even Hustler showed. I will definitely recommend this book to the parents and teachers with whom I work. I am sure it will move them from fear to action!
P0RN RESILIENT KIDS equips families
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. Check out the comprehensive list of resources for parents of kids under the age of 12. The list includes Parents Programs and support links, children's books, children's videos, filters and apps to help with blocking PLUS MORE!
P0rnography Addiction: Building Digital Resilience Conference

Online Video Training for orgs: Responding to P0rn Culture
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  • Learn about the effects of p0rn on the brain and pathways to compulsive use
  • Gain insight to understand varying impacts of internet p0rn on child and youth development, attitudes and behaviours such as problem sexualised behaviour, sexually abusive behaviours towards others and sending nude images
  • Learn about complex and interwoven dimensions of sexuality, and weigh up how external influences such as p0rn shapes personal attitudes and sexual belief systems
  • Consider how intimate partner violence is linked to p0rnography and male-dominated depictions of sexuality in media
  • Have sexuality, sexual health, sexual diversity and sexual rights explained in order to form a holistic response
  • Become familiar with best practice relationships and sexuality rationale and education frameworks
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IQ PROGRAMS are written to meet the emerging needs of children faced with growing up in a hypersexualised and p0rn-saturated culture.

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