Subject: ✩ Gender Violence Prevention and Community Education

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Whilst we hear a lot about preventing violence against women, it’s less common to hear how p0rn0graphy contributes to this violence. And if we are not asking the right questions about the vehicle that’s delivering violence directly into our youth's collective cultural psyche, we won’t be effective in responding.

Last month, I presented to a conference in Sweden to address this topic. With the wonders of technology, my recorded presentation inspired a panel discussion without me even attending (although I would have loved another trip to Sweden!!)

I've written a blog that expands on how the four gendered drivers of violence against women are delivered directly via the vehicle of p0rn0graphyI encourage you to use this short video presentation at your next staff meeting to start a planning conversation about how to equip children and youth to navigate p0rns impacts in your school, or child and youth based organisation. Let me know if we can support you further by providing a parent evening, student presentation or after-school inservice: A Proactive and Protective Response to Concerning Sexual Behaviours. I also invite you to ask how you can be involved in piloting the new IQ PROGRAMS to directly deal with this issue. 

Reach out if you have any questions.
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Liz Walker and the Youth Wellbeing Project team.
Prevention of Violence Against Girls and Women
P0rn0graphy is opposed to each action area intended to address sexual violence. Every time p0rn0graphy is normalised or dismissed as harmless, the ways in which it shapes attitudes, relationships and behaviours is negatively reinforced.Given that p0rn is now the main sex educator of youth, it’s impossible to implement broad social change to address violence against girls and women without calling out and directly addressing the role p0rn0graphy plays. Read more here.
Youth Wellbeing Project has provided a jam-packed webpage full of links, books, videos, free schools resources plus more! Join with us to build resilience in children & young people to p0rnography impacts through awareness and proactive education.
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