Subject: ✩ Free Interview Series: Free Interview Series: Preventing The Next Generation’s #MeToo Stories

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How do we educate our kids so that they understand consent? 

To prevent kids from having their own #MeToo stories, Anya Manes, a parent coach who specializes in helping parents talk to their kids about sex, has put together an amazing panel of experts to help parents and professionals raise assertive kids who embody consent culture. It’s The 2018 Talking To Kids About Sex Interview Series, and this year it’s focused on Preventing The Next Generation’s #MeToo Stories

If you are ready to learn how to prevent sexual abuse and assault, how to skill build boundaries and consent, how to counter the messages kids are getting from the larger culture (p0rnography) and their peers, then register for this event. It's free, and these experts (myself included) are sharing simple steps you can take to protect kids.

Anya's mission is to ensure your kids have safe and healthy sexual relationships from the start, and this F*R*E*E interview series is packed with tips and strategies that you can begin to implement immediately. Click here to register for this free online event in November.

Keep reading below to find out how you can resource your school or youth organisation with exceptional relationships and sexuality education materials for a limited time at a once-only price.

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Liz Walker and the Youth Wellbeing Project team.
Relationships & Sexuality Education Resources
Our “Relationship IQ programs” which have totally improved the lives of many young people and made teaching sex ed so much easier for teachers and youth workers, are retiring. Going into the Youth Wellbeing Project archives under tight lock and key to never be revealed again. Because of this, I'm doing a limited Term 4 “It’s Retiring” promotion.

If you’ve wanted to improve your relationships and sexuality education resources by implementing IQ programs and haven't yet done so, there's so much content in this package it's nearly ridiculous.... 
The Relationship IQ program resources could be just what you need for those spare lessons in the school term when you're desperate to impart final words of wisdom to young people before their summer holidays, or for youth workers over the summer break.

You can, till the end of term 4 2018, purchase $1100 worth of RSE education NOW for the limited time offer of $397. At the end of 2018 it’s gone, archived forever. CLICK HERE to learn what is included
Organisations who purchase now, can receive a $397 discount on the new IQ programs. The "It's retiring" promotion will not be available after the end of the 2018 schooling year.

I've written this short eBook which you can download for free. In it, you will discover that regardless of background – parent, grandparent, aunty, uncle, community worker, health professional, educator, technology guru, government leader, follower or influencer - we all have a mandate to address the issue of children and young people accessing p--nography. It truly is the public health crisis of the digital age.
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