Subject: ✩ Equipping Educators for Tricky Conversations - IQ PROGRAMS have launched!

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Teaching kids to avoid p0rn can be a difficult conversation. At the same time, given this is an issue of child protection, it's a VERY necessary discussion. Many of the online safety or digital literacy curriculums skirt around p0rnography and tend not to go much deeper than "don't look at inappropriate content". But what happens when they DO come across it, most often accidentally? Do they know how to respond or who to talk to? Do they have the language to understand what is happening or skills to bounce back?

We are beyond excited to let you know that we have now launched the Umbrella Unit for ages 6-7 years. This unit is part of COMPASS IQ, an educational program designed to safeguard kids in online & physical environments. Umbrella is designed to help students identify and appropriately respond to ‘safe’ and ‘unsafe’ online content.

Please take one-minute to watch the "sneak peek" video and check out our new website filled with facts and figures and answering the main question that everyone wants to know: "Why do children need safeguarding from p0rnography?" 

Umbrella provides an essential response to the recent calls issued in the Australian National Principles for Child Safe Organisations to keep kids safe in online environments. Aligning with the Australian National Curriculum, IQ PROGRAMS are developed for western nations and written to meet the emerging needs of children and youth faced with growing up in a p0rn-saturated culture. If you are from outside Australia, there's no reason why you can't hit the ground running with Umbrella, as we have designed it to be as universally relevant as possible. We also provide extensive resources to partner with parents on this tricky topic, and can expand to include support links for your country on the dedicated webpage for parents.

We would love you to spread the news so please SHARE, SHARE, SHARE. Umbrella is the first of many units especially designed to tack this tricky topic. 

Reach out if you have any questions and have a wonderful break (if you're having one!) over the Easter period.
Till next time, stay inspired.

Liz Walker and the Youth Wellbeing Project team.
Shout of thanks to PB West for their involvement!

PB West are leaders in Protective Behaviours Training and have been incredibly generous with contributing to the Umbrella Unit. Here's what PB West Director, Jodie Ferguson, has to say about Umbrella:

Umbrella educates and empowers children with strategies and knowledge to help them feel and be safe online. As parents’ educators and service providers we know that in a digital world, the moment our children go online they are vulnerable. Connecting to the net opens children to the views, values, wants and affiliations of others. This amazing and disturbing realty is a labyrinth to navigate and we need to teach children the tools they will need when they feel unsafe, and what to do when they encounter p0rn. 

This wonderful curriculum aligns perfectly within a Protective Behaviours context and does so in an engaging age-appropriate manner. It is informative and easy for educators to follow which results in a more meaningful learning experience for children. High praise for Liz and her team in developing this resource.
Equipping Educators for Tricky Conversations

70% OF BOYS AND 25% OF GIRLS HAVE SEEN p0rn BY AGE 13 OR YOUNGER and according to a cross-national survey of parents in Australia, New Zealand and the UK, two of the top three online situations parents are most concerned about are related to sexual themes.

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