Subject: [WP Plugin] Hack The BACK Button, Cool Features ;-)

Hi there,

Did you know that 50% - 87% of
traffic that your website gets,
goes into drain?

When people visit your website,
then most of the time they will
just hit the BACK button
or close
their browser tab..

You probably often do that also, right? :o)

So what if you can LEGALLY hack
their BACK button and redirect
them to any link you want?

Well you can, with this plugin:


Yep, you can redirect them to
your Amazon affiliate link, your
Facebook Page, and so on.

The plugin is called NoBounce and
it's going to help you to make the
most out of every visitor
on your
website with these 3 features:

- Back Button Redirection
- Time Based redirection
- Exit Popup and Exit intent

=>> Watch the video DEMO right here

NoBounce WP plugin will go live
tomorrow, Monday March 28th
at 11am EST.

But as 1 of my top VIP customers,
you can see a sneak peek below:


Best regards,
Leo (BCBiz)
:) :)

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