Subject: SEO Plugin & Free Video Every Month

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Hi guys, hope you are having a great morning..

Really quick, I need your attention for 1 minute :)

#1 - AzonVideo

If you remember my last email about our 2 upcoming websites, well, great news!
One of them is almost finished and will be open in just a few days at

Want to conquer Amazon through Video Marketing, but you can not or don't want to
create any videos? No problem because AzonVideo will always be free to join.

#2 - MobileClone

TOMORROW my friend Coolice are launching MobileClone.

Quick Link =>>

This is a stunning mobile store ready-made for you.
MobileClone is a Done-for-you WordPress site..

.. Which means all you have to do is install this package & only have to worry about getting traffic. But with My SEO Plugin Bonus, you don't have to worry about getting backlink and traffic again.

Check it out here:

I will send you an alert again TOMORROW few minutes before it's available to be picked up.

Thank you guys/girls & sir/mam, have a great day! :-)


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