Subject: My new Amazon theme goes live Tomorrow (sneakpeek inside..)

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AMZ ShopperMagnet Cover Package
Hi there,

Just a heads up that tomorrow at 11:00 am EST (New York time) our latest Amazon theme is ready for the Early Bird launch.

It's been 1,5 years since we release our last Amazon theme! Wow, time went by so fast :-)

And this Wednesday, we are ready to bring you our latest theme called AMZ ShopperMagnet..

This theme has been under development for 5-6 months with 70+ updates to make sure you will get a ready-to-go product with less bugs and problems, but having said that, I ask for your understanding if you still find any.. :) :)

You get Developer License and the Early Bird will be going for 7 days.

PLUS you will get a free Wordpress plugin to post Amazon products that you want (this plugin is compatible with the theme)

So tomorrow I appreciate if you can check AMZ ShopperMagnet out. Then few months from now, when we release some child-themes for it, you don't have to pay $47.

:-) :-)

PS. Where's the sneakpeek? It's the cover image at the top :))

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