Subject: [CUSTOMERS ONLY] GridLocked WP Theme - Free Weekend Bonus

Hi there,

Today's Sunday and I hope your weekend
has been 110% as fantastic as it can be!

But weekend won't feel complete without
our usual weekend bonus series ;-)

So here it is:


On this series, I have this GridLocked WP
theme that you can download for free.

Usually we have the Weekend Bonus
series on Saturday, but I've been quite
busy this weekend..

.. my step sisters and my cousin was
coming from Singapore yesterday.

And I had to drive them from the airport
to their home.. then accompanied them
going from 1 shopping mall to another,
pretty much for a whole day yesterday!

Then this morning they wanted to go to
the Car Free Day weekly event, and then
I had to drive them to the airport again
this evening.

So yeah it's quite tiring, but as long
as it makes those girls happy ;-)

And making you happy too with this
free weekend bonus:


Leo (BCBiz)
:) :)

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