Subject: AmaGrande - Minimalist Amazon WP Theme (With 3 Plugins)

Hi, lovely Monday..

This guy from WP Catapult has just released a
minimalist & beautiful Amazon WordPress theme:


The theme (called AmaGrande) is compatible with
Amaniche, Associate Goliath, ZonBuilder & WP Robot.

It's been a while since the last time we found a new
great looking Amazon theme, finally there is one.. :-)

So to sweeten this awesome deal, there are
3 WP Plugins included as bonus for you:

- ShareToDownload
- WP ScheduledWidgets Plugin
- and WP Watermark plugin

Make sure to get it from here:


Those 3 plugins will automatically show up
on your WarriorPlus receipt page..


PS. On next email I will recap all free offers in
the last 30 days. Just to recall our memories and
in case you missed to receive/download it..