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Upcoming Soap-Making Workshop
   I am often asked about 'soap'. One of my most popular workshops is soap-making. During the workshop people are surprised at how easy soap is to make (using just three basic ingredients: animal or vegetable fat/lard, caustic soda - the essential cleaning ingredient in soap - and water). That's it!  Other ingredients may then be added to create specific types of soap: oatmeal, disinfectant, honey, coloured and perfumed soaps, etc.
  Interestingly what started me on this journey of writing about self-sufficiency, making things from the basics and old time skills is watching my grandmother make soap on the family farm. She would use wood ash (from an outdoor fire), water and sheep lard (which she rendered down from the sheep carcass). The soap would be made outdoors in an old kerosene tin over an open fire. Being very experienced at making soap this way she would boil it for some time until it reached just the right consistency to set (when cold) to form hard bars of soap (that lasted much longer than the commercial counterpart!).
  Many people have requested I run a soap-making workshop.  Although Coromandel Valley is a little out of the way - I suggest you make the trek if interested as I may not be running another such workshop for some time due ot other commitments.  Looking forward to seeing you!
Pam - The Shoppe
Soap-Making Workshop
(includes making soap-based products)
       Thursday September 15 2016 – 1-3 pm

Workshop includes: I'll show you how to make plain soap simply and quickly. It's an easy to follow basic recipe with numerous variations.
Plus - transforming a bar of soap into a range of alternative soap – based products (detergent alternatives).
You'll make and take home: Homemade oatmeal soap, soap bag, English wash balls, pressed soap shapes, rose liquid hand soap plus I'll demonstrate how to make soap jelly.
Cost: $15
All materials included in course cost - but please bring 3 recycled small jars for your take home products.
Bookings and pre-payment essential: phone 8370 6880 or find us on Facebook 
Venue: Coromandel Community Centre, 442b Main Road Coromandel Valley

About Soap-Making
  Making your own soap is surprisingly simple and very rewarding. During my soap-making workshops people are often intrigued by how quick and easy it is to make soap – the only ‘delay’ is that it takes three weeks for homemade soap to ‘mature’ ready for use. Many people are concerned about the ‘caustic’ component of soap – however for soap to ‘clean’ it needs to contain some type of cleaning agent – caustic soda being the most appropriate. Only about 2-3% of the soap is caustic soda – once it is diluted with the other ingredients its potency is much less.
Caustic soda is available from the laundry section of some supermarkets or hard-ware stores. It can be derived naturally from the soda ash remaining from fires – but a bit difficult to obtain for the inexperienced.
For more information:
e-Book download No. 3 - Simple Soap-Making
Using just 3 ingredients: lard, caustic soda and water, soap is surprisingly easy to make. This simple method for making soap is similar to Grandma's approach to soap-making. Instructions are step-by-step covering moulds, possible problems, maturation, colouring, scenting, utensils, precautions, history of soap. Information includes variations to basic recipe for: almond oil soap, oatmeal, honey, herbal, scented, cucumber, sand-soap, antiseptic soap. 17 pages Price: $12.00  Click here for download info
e-Book No. 25 - More Soap-Making Recipes
Follow-on booklet from No. 3 - Simple Soap-Making - containing more recipes and ideas for making soap. Covers: glycerin soap, chamomile & milk, lanolin, borax, heavy duty cleaning soap, soap without animal products, soap options without caustic soda, rich rose soap and more. 23 pages Price: $12.00 Click here for download info
e-Book No. 50 - Recycling Soap
Transforming a simple bar of soap into a array of safe, environmentally friendly products - either in the form of grated soap or soap jelly. Contains recipes for: rose liquid hand soap, lemon dish-washing soap, rosemary & lavender hair shampoo, soap-based garden spray, wash-balls, heavy-duty cleansing powder, soap-bags, old English wash-balls, 'gourmet soaps' (pet soap, honey soap, etc.), beeswax polish (containing soap) and other interesting uses. You'll be amazed at the things that can be done with a simple bar of soap - including making putty, poultices and as a drawer (runner) liner. 26 pages Price: $12.00 Click here for download info
Soap Making Workshop at Home download
The entire Soap-Making Workshop as a PDF download.
Outlines how to make basic soap using an easy to follow basic recipe with numerous soap variations (such as oatmeal soap, honey, cucumber, beeswax, disinfectant, coloured soap, essential oils, etc.). Transforming a bar of soap into a range of alternative soap-based products (detergent alternatives). All safe & environmentally friendly.
Download contains recipes and procedures for making: basic soap (like Grandma used to make) with 10 different variations, Soap bag, English wash balls, Soap Crayons (for the children), Pressed Soap Shapes, Herbal wash-balls, Rose Liquid Hand Soap
The basic ingredients you'll need for the recipes are: cooking lard or fat (from the supermarket), olive oil, caustic soda, washing soda (or bicarb soda), bar of soap (or left-over soap scraps), recycled containers, oatmeal (more details in down-load)
Price: $25.00 To order/download - click here
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