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Onkaparinga Workshops - PLUS Helpful Hints!
Upcoming Workshops:
Onkaparinga Council have listed their workshop programme for remainder of the year (see list at end of this email).  Workshops are, unfortunately, available only to local council residents - however, just so you do not miss out I've placed below some useful information from each of the workshops.  
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Handy Hints

Green Cleaning: Crushed eggshells are the easiest way to clean the inside of glassware - particularly useful for cleaning long-necked bottles. Place a few crushed eggshells inside the container with a little water and shake!

Natural Skin Care:
Avocado makes the best natural skin moisturizer. Pulp some fresh avocado. Apply to face and leave for 5 to 10 minutes. Wash off and pat dry. An excellent pre-makeup base.

Bicarb Soda:
A combination of red cabbage and bicarb soda will make non-toxic blue food colouring.  Here's how to do it: Boil 1/4 red cabbage (chopped) in 400ml water for 20 minutes. Strain. Gradually add bicarb soda (1/2 teaspoon at a time) to the cabbage water to achieve the desired blue colour.

Candles can be made entirely from recycled materials using recycled candle ends (for the paraffin), cotton butchers twine (for the wick), children's wax crayons (for colouring) and body perfume (for scenting). Containers such as yoghurt tubs, plastic cups, jars, etc. make ideal candle moulds.  Follow the instructions below for beeswax candles for how to set-up and make the candle.
For more information about these topics see:
e-book No. 24 - Back to Basics Cleaning
e-book No. 30 - Natural Skin Care
e-book No. 9 - Amazing Bicarb!
e-book No. 34 - Practical Candle-making
e-book No. 75 - Natural Dyes & Colours

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Not able to come to the Workshops? Both the Green Cleaning and Natural Skin Care Workshops are available for download to do at home.  Click here for more info.
Onkaparinga Council Workshops
(Onkaparinga Council residents only) 
All workshops are free to attend and include a relevant Recipe Sheet

Green Cleaning
Do all of your cleaning with just four basic household items. Never walk down the cleaning lane of the supermarket again! Safe, cheap and environmentally friendly.
Bring along 3 small empty jars to take home what you make.
When: Monday 15 September, 10am-12 noon
Where: Civic Area, Council offices, Ramsay Place, Noarlunga Centre

Natural Skin Care 
Come along to this hands-on session where you’ll discover how to make wonderful skin care products using natural ingredients that are totally chemical free, then go home and treat yourself. Bring along three small empty jars to take home what you make.
When: Friday 17 October, 10am-12noon
Where: McLaren Vale Visitor Information Centre Main Road, McLaren Vale
Registration essential as numbers limited.

Amazing Bicarb
Discover the vast array of uses for bicarbonate of soda! We’ll show you how to use this cheap, eco-friendly wonder ingredient to make your own cleaning, body-care, hair-care, pet-care, deodorising products and more.  Bring along four small empty jars to take home what you make.
When: Tuesday 18 November, 1-3pm
Venue: Civic Area, Council offices, Ramsay Place, Noarlunga Centre

Candle making for Christmas
Using recycled materials we’ll show you an easy and low cost way to make candles to light up this festive season.
Bring along any candle ends and wax pieces you have to make new candles.
When: Friday 5 December 10am-12noon
Where: Woodcroft Community Centre, 175 Bains Road, Morphett Vale

Workshops are free (sponsored by the council)
Bookings essential. Contact Tracy Fulton on 8384 0083 or book online.
Workshops in your local area
For South Australian residents - if you know of a suitable council or venue to run workshops either contact me ( or the local venue for recommendation.  Click here for full list of workshops available.
   How to make a Quick and Easy Beeswax Candle
(in a Recycled Tin Can)

Beeswax will make long burning, low smoke candles (compared to paraffin-based candles).

1. Obtain a small, clean tin can (i.e. 150ml baked bean, tomato paste, baby-food tin)

2. Set the tin on a level surface covered in newspaper.

3. Tie a length of wick* (about 8-10 cm) to a pencil.

4. Lay the pencil across the top of the tin so that the wick drops down the centre of the tin. Trim the wick so that it just touches the base of the tin.

5. Melt** approximately 170 g beeswax.

6. Carefully pour into the tin making sure not to dislodge the wick.

7. Allow cool and set. Leave in the tin can mould or remove by sitting the can in hot water - it will then slide out.

* For a quick improvised wick use cotton shoe laces or thin cotton cord or melt a long white candle - remove the wick and re-use to make beeswax candle.
** Melt beeswax carefully in a double boiler

  Information from e-booklet No. 4 - Making Beeswax Products.
e-Booklet No. 4 - Making Beeswax Products:
   Beeswax is a wonderfully natural medium that has many hidden (and forgotten) uses. It seals, coats, preserves, emulsifies (for polishes and cosmetics), water-proofs and much more. This booklet contains recipes for making furniture polish (various recipes), skin moisturisers and cleansing creams, lipstick, lip salve, deodorant cream, shoe cleaner, sealing wax, waterproofing medium & more.
Price: $12.00  Purchase and download here
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