Subject: May 2018 Wine & Cheese Club! ☻

Wine Club Meet-Up! ($5 flight & food!)
May 8th (Tues.) 4-close

Meet up w/ fellow Wine Club Members and enjoy a special $5 menu including the "Wine Club" wine flight, salads, bruschetta, & the Cheese & Charcuterie of the month! 
Mix, mingle & cheers w/ other Barsha Wine Club Members!
(Our cheese club this month is provided by Cultured Slice, who will also be sampling out the cheese & meat club picks at meet-up!)
May Wine Club!

Barsha is proud to dedicate this month's wine flight to the strongest of women in our lives! We honor the spirit of their dedication and love with beautiful sparkling roses and elegant and feminine reds that will go perfectly with Mother’s day brunch and dinner!
Classico will enjoy a fine German rose full of rosewater notes, and an elegant Italian Barbera named after their strong Aunt Lydia who secretly ran the winery! And Riserva members, are you in for a treat! Start off w/ a youthful Rose of Provence full of candied violet notes, and end w/a phenomenal Australian Grenache from a passionate woman wine maker and mother!

Classico Club

Wagner Stempel Rosé 2016
Rheinhessen, Germany

 Daniel & Catherine Wagner are the owners working along w/ Daniel Wagner & Oliver Müller, the winemakers!
 Established in 1945...currently in its 9th generation. Also a certified organic winery! 
A blend of 50% Pinot Noir and 50% Sankt Laurent w/aromas strawberry, kiwi, and bubble gum, all underscored by a subtle minerality and high-toned rosewater and geranium elements. The medium palate is as refreshing as can be, with flavors of tart cranberry, red apple, and a smoky white pepper note all impeccably balanced on even, gentle acid.
Asparagus, Crispy Prosciutto    

Valpane Barbera “Perlydia” 2012
Piedmont, Italy     
Pietro Giuseppe Arditi began working the land in 1900 under a sharecropping agreement, and after his passion and dedication to his work had earned Fojadelli’s confidence, he purchased the estate in 1902. Over the years he planted more vines and raised his family at Valpane. His eldest daughter, Lydia, was a brilliant student with a bright future in mathematics, but her mother needed help around the house so, like many girls of her generation, she was pulled out of school at an early age. But instead of cooking and tending to her elderly grandmother, Lydia followed her father out to the vineyards, where she quickly became fascinated by his craft. Before long, she was working alongside him and showing a keen business sense in dealing with clients. As Pietro grew older she gradually took over the estate, continuing to make the same structured, aromatic wines for which Valpane was already known. Today Lydia’s nephew, named Pietro for his grandfather, runs the estate. 
This Barbara has zippy acidity with a round body. Runs beautifully through the palate with expressive flavors of dark cherry, violets, and plum with a juicy texture.
The Ultimate Guide To Crispy Peking Duck
Riserva Club

Clos Beylesse Rosé 2017
Cotes de Provence, France

For centuries, dry rosé wine has been a staple in the south of France, where it is embraced as the best lunchtime, seaside, and all-occasion wine. Particularly in the coastal Provence region, the heart of the world’s dry rosé production, a passion for dry pink permeates the culture.
This exceptional rose of Provence consists of 60% Syrah,10% Cinsault and 30% Grenache. A sensual rosé with an exotic perfume of candied violets, lilies and strawberries.
The unique indigo-colored bottle maintains the wine’s fresh profile for as long as possible. This rose is full of youth making it the perfect pick for your Mom...forever young!                                                                   
Salmon with Sunflower-Dill Pesto Sauce

Sierra Reed “Alexia’ Grenache 2016 
 Barossa Valley, Australia 
Reed Wines are single vineyard expressions made by Sierra Reed in Victoria. Always an inquisitive and enthusiastic drinker, Sierra’s journey in wine began in New Zealand whilst filming with the Family of Twelve. Interviewing those leading families of New Zealand wine inspired her to change her life and begin the journey from drinker to maker.                                                                   
This Alexia Grenache is a red to look forward to from a winemaker to look out for. Named after the god-daughter of Sierra Reed, this is true testament to the women of wine. Sierra was actually pregnant and gave birth during this wine’s vintage.
Undeniably Grenache with its confected nature but very highly perfumed with terra cotta and earthy tones. The wine has a light chalky tannins and youthful fruit sweetness with savoury layers due to spontaneous fermentation. Truly balanced and transitions perfectly on the palate.                                                                                           

Moroccan Tagine
May Cheese & Charcuterie Club!

We are partnering w/ Cultured Slice this month for our May Cheese & Charcuterie Club! Talking about mothers, Solange of Cultured Slice, is a phenomenal mother and passionate business owner who's excited to show y'all her cheese & meat picks which consist of Swiss Appenzeller Cheese which is also a great fondue option along w/Olli Genoa Salami...and a special surprise...Fat Dog Jams, top quality jam made from excess fruit from local farms that supports no kill dog shelters! 
Appenzeller Cheese

Appenzeller is a Swiss mountain cheese that originates in the Appenzell region of Switzerland. It has a fairly dense texture, rich a rich, nutty and tangy flavor which changes based on how long it is aged. Appenzeller is one of the three cheeses, along with Gruyere and Emmenthal, that is traditionally used in Swiss fondue.

Olli Genoa Salami

Olli Genoa Salami, a product of the Norcino, is a delectable salami seasoned with salt and white pepper, allowing the flavors of the premium pork to shine through. Sometimes simplicity is the best route to take in order to fully enjoy the taste of the product.

Fat Dog Jams
Santa Monica

Top quality jams made with the excess fruit from local farms to create a sustainable product that supports small business and our community. Fat Dog Jams is also inspired by the love of dogs, which is why a portion of the proceeds is donated to local no kill animal shelters.
917 n. sepulveda blvd., manhattan beach, ca 90266, United States
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