Subject: Christi Krug's Wildfire Writing

Allowing the Light and the Dark and the In Between

One of my favorite writers is Liz Prato, author of the short story collection, Baby's On Fire, which many of you have heard me read in class.

Liz once introduced me at a reading, with words that brought tears to my eyes:

"She is able to hold different sides of herself, the light and the dark and the in between, in equal weight, allowing the mysteriousness of both sides to arise in her writing and her life. She has nurtured many beginning writers, while always nurturing her own sweet, beautiful soul."

saw my heart for accepting, holding, being with the truth. She recognized my work as a healer and nurturer. It is so sweet to be seen and heard.

Seeing and hearing you is what I do, together with our community, attending to what emerges in your work. Whether it's in the spontaneity of the Burn Wild monthly workshop, or in the lessons of Dream Kid in Wildfire Writing, or in yet another wildwriting drill in Wildfire II, or leaning into your latest chapter in Master Class. Or sitting across the table from you in a coaching meeting. Or . . .

So many ways to share words together.

So much for which to be grateful.

Next week, partnering with Grace Valentine, I am a featured reader for Art and Poetry at Cellar 55. Grace Valentine is a poet of light and positivity. What's more, she is a brilliant artist, and her radiant, vivid work will surround us. I'll be there, too, sharing the dark, the light, and the in between.

Poetry & Art at Cellar 55
Thursday, July 28
6 to 8 pm
1812 Washington Street, Vancouver WA 98660

I would love to see you next week!

Other chances to join me as I share stories:

Grief Rites:
A poignant reading series acknowledging grief and loss, hosted by Melissa Dodson.

Monday, August 8
7 - 9 pm
Post 134
2104 NE Alberta Street, Portland OR 97211

The Front Porch: "Harvest"
Storytelling performance. No script.

Thursday, August 18
7 - 9 pm
Rusty Grape Winery
16712 NE 219th Street, Battle Ground, WA 98604

Check out opportunities to grow as a writer at And preview an exciting, full fall schedule.

You can write for yourself and create on your own, it's true. But when you have a listener, or a whole roomful of listeners, you can feel the magic. Come and write, listen, share, join, attend, act. Inspire and be inspired. Nurture and be nurtured. 

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Coaching for the fabulous local business, Trellis Growth Partners.

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A hug for the gifted and amazing Liz Prato.
, 2535 SW Sherwood Drive, Portland, OR 97201, United States
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