Subject: VPHi- Last chance to register to AA WEBINAR: “Preclinical assessment of the effect of skeletal interventions with physiology based computational modelling” Today at 17 CET

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You're still in time to register to the Avicenna Alliance Members-Only webinar presented by Dr Enrico Dall’Ara (University of Sheffield) on "Preclinical assessment of the effect of skeletal interventions with physiology based computational modelling"

The webinar is taking place today at 17 CET.
Here the registration link:

This webinar belongs to the Avicenna Alliance webinar series for members-only, a monthly initiative has the goal to enable both Avicenna member companies and VPHi Members to get to know each other better and share their knowledge about their main activities, expertise and interests. 

We kindly invite you not to share this registration link with colleagues who are not VPHi members.

Currently the journey of a new pharmacological product from discovery to the market is very long and expensive, due to the high failure rate. Musculoskeletal diseases affect dramatically the quality of life of patients in our ageing society, with impact similar to those of cancer and cardiovascular diseases.
In this webinar in silico approaches to assess the effects of diseases and treatments preclinically in mouse models will be introduced. The usage of longitudinal high-resolution imaging for estimating the effect of induced accelerated bone resorption and combined bone anabolic interventions on the morphometric, densitometric and biomechanical properties of the bone will be described. Finally advantages and current limitations of computational models of bone remodelling will be presented.

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