Subject: Time sensitive: Support and report! Help LRSD schools shine.

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gratitude [grat-i-tood] noun:  the quality or feeling of being grateful or thankful

'Thank you' is a simple expression of gratitude. Hard to believe it isn't said more often. 

Some environments, like schools for instance, don't always allow us direct access to the people or circumstances impacted the most.  

It can begin to feel like our efforts go unnoticed. Are we really making a difference?

Maybe you're a parent who attended the PTA planning session after a long day at work.
Or a teacher who takes your lunch time to tutor struggling students.
Are you the school office volunteer who has stood at the copier for hours at a time?

How about all those tutors who show up week-after-week. Are you one of those?

Have you seen the neighbor watering the school garden on a hot weekend?

Are you the mentor who juggled work to meet your student because you promised you would?

Ever wonder what happened to all those school supplies your organization collected?
Great things happen because so many people make a special effort every dayWe can support one another by taking the time to say 'thanks.'  Help us make sure that no good deed goes unnoticed!  Each one, reach one.  

Thank you.

Three creative gratitude strategies are offered below.  »  
Has someone awed you with their commitment and willingness to serve? Why not tell them? A ViPS Award nomination is a wonderful way to honor a group or individual making a difference in your school. Anyone can submit a nomination. All nominees will be recognized at the ViPS recognition event the evening of April 21 and specific award selections announced.
Don't hesitate. Nominate.
Week in and week out volunteers do what they do. Most modestly say, "I don't do it for the credit or recognition." We get that, but community and parent involvement needs to be reported to help your school quantify the support it receives. Reporting your service helps your school substantiate its strengths . . . like committed volunteers like you.
Report your support.
The ViPS Board of Directors would like to personally invite you to attend our district-wide volunteer appreciation reception on Tuesday, April 21 beginning at 5:30 pm at the Holiday Inn Airport Conference Center. Come, gather tools for support, exchange stories, have your picture made with friends, and invite others! This event is for all LRSD volunteers.
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