Subject: The alchemy of emotional transmutation

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Victoria Zaitz, MLA, MTP

  Intuit.  Empower.  Awaken.

This week's Energetic Forecast:

On July 4th we had the annual conjunction of the brightest star Sirius and the Sun, bringing a great deal of light into our consciousness.  On the 15th we have a new moon in Cancer, also, Mercury just entered Cancer as of today.  A lot of Cancer energy, which could have the effect of opening our communications to be more in tune with our emotions.  Saturn is still in Scorpio cleaning out the closet of our darkness, so this week may be more of an emotional time for us, but it's emotion with a healing purpose.  

The alchemy of emotional transmutation. Big words LOL.  The ancient knowledge of alchemy was to turn lead into gold. Understood from a spiritual perspective, this is transmuting and changing base level vibrations and emotions into "gold," or the wisdom achieved by going through this process.  You too can achieve this by 1) developing witness or observer consciousness, 2) having the courage to go through your emotions and clear them, and 3) gaining insight on them from a higher self perspective through intuition, insight and reflection.  How to do this?  Meditation is key to developing an awareness of another part of your consciousness that is NOT your thoughts and NOT your emotions.  Meditation will also help you to get it touch with old, stuck energy and move it through the system.  You can even gain insights in meditation to help you to understand what is going on.  So you can see how important it is, it is one of THE most important things that I teach in my opinion.  Other helpful methods include yoga, energy work, alternative health therapies, journaling, and a host of others.

Client Story: One of my clients is currently going through a dark night of the soul.  No matter what he does, nothing seems to work for him.  It has driven him to look within to see what is going on. If you feel like you are stopped at every turn, blocked or thwarted there can be a few reasons for this.  One is to force you inward to deal with what in your internal world is out of balance or dependent on outside circumstances to be ok.  Another is that your mind is trying to tell you the logical answer is to do this or that, and you have convinced yourself that is what you should do or what should happen, but it totally goes against your heart and intuition.  So you have effectively created a conflict within yourself that keeps you at a stalemate or stuck place.  Another possibility is that what your mind has told you just cannot manifest now for a number of different reasons.  The answer in all of these cases is to go within and seek information that will help you to come into harmony with all elements of yourself.  A united energetic front that is aligned with the will of the higher self is a hard thing to beat. ;)


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May you Intuit, Empower, and Awaken,

Intuition often speaks to us in feelings.  It often takes people a while to understand that this is a valid and important reality, no less important and perhaps even more important than a thought or idea.  Feelings give us information, no matter what kind they are.  If we listen to them we gain insight and can go deeper to transmute them.


True power of course comes from the divine that lives within.  We can never be separated from that although we can think we are.  Someone who is able, and has the tools and skills, to alchemize their vibration to a higher one by going through the feelings, is truly empowered.  If this is done often, a person gets used to doing so and no longer feels so powerless in the face of challenges. It develops resilience. 

When we develop an awareness of our consciousness, the I AM presence that is behind all of our thoughts, emotions, and perceptions, we awaken to who we really are.  We no longer identify our essence so strongly with the story or content and so have the power to see things differently and enact change in our lives.  Or, develop the strength to just accept what is and what we cannot change. 
Soul Connections and Emotional Alchemy

Soul connections will bring out every emotion under the sun, especially the ones that you might not want to deal with, the so-called negative emotions that may be buried underneath the surface.

This is bound to happen in a soul level connection because the connection itself comes from a high vibrational level and moves down into the 3D reality in which many of us are living.  So you can see how it can conflict and bring out what needs to be cleared and healed.

This can happen quite without your conscious 3D consent, but your soul is consenting to the shake up to foster your spiritual evolution.

However, these connections have a nifty way through all of the emotional dross: the power of unconditional love.  Most if not all soul connections have this to a greater or lesser extent.  By going back into that state of love, the emotions of a lower vibration can be transmuted.

But we have to come by this honestly, by aligning our 5 bodies (physical, etheric, emotional, mental, spiritual) with this vibration as a united front.  This points out the need for healing on whatever level needs healing in both parties. 

This is not always a conscious process but you can make it conscious.  You can also think about what you are learning and perhaps what the other person is learning in order to help facilitate a deeper understanding of these dynamics.  Then, put the focus on you and learning what you need to learn, allowing space for the other to do the same.  This is a process of emotional alchemy, changing lower vibrational states into higher ones.  We need to understand the "lower" ones in order to move forward though, so be careful of "spiritual bypassing" and avoiding this process.  
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