Subject: Out of your mind?

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Victoria Zaitz, MLA, MTP

  Intuit.  Empower.  Awaken.

This week's Energetic Forecast:

Are you ready for Venus retrograde? This is the talk of the town as it is not a common occurrence, it happens every 18 months.  This one is in Virgo, it begins on Saturday the 25th and will be in effect through early September. 40 days and 40 nights of deeply reviewing, among other things, love.  This one has a great deal of special energy infused into it as we have been dealing with heavy energy now for months.  This is no different, but I think this is a period where things will begin to make sense and come together.  There will be surprises also.

We are moving towards the second full (blue) moon on Friday the 31st in Aquarius.  We have Sun and Mercury in Leo, trine Saturn in Scorpio, Mars in Cancer squaring Uranus this week.  Things are starting to speed up as puzzle pieces fall into place, with unexpected twists and turns not unlike a tv show! We are going to want to move forward with courage, we will be somewhat pushed into that feeling as we get answers and clarity.  Expect eureka moments, bold actions, and feeling like you understand your part in the play. It is exciting, scary, and profound all at once.  Just in the last week I have had so many clients in meltdown mode it started to make my head spin.  But I had to tell people, hang on, the ride ain't over, and clarity is coming.   

Out of your mind? May I make a controversial suggestion?  Go ahead and lose it! We are so fixated on solving problems strictly from the mind, the intellect, the rational and the logical.  When we take this too far, we see an influx of overly masculine energy that is not balanced.  It seeks to think our way out of problems.  Science is a good example of this mindset.  Nothing against science, but when we go to the limits of this knowledge, what do we end up knowing?  That we really don't know anything the more we understand something, the more questions there are.  Science has no idea for example where consciousness comes from, or how the universe could have started seemingly from nothing.  We forget that we are living in a profound mystery every moment.  I think this is the correct way of using science and the mind, understanding its limits and just allowing it to be infused with the original wonder that spurred us to ask questions. 

Client Story: Our mind tries to tell us that for example, we shouldn't feel this way or that.  Hah! Good luck with that one! The best thing to do when in the midst of a meltdown is to just feel your way through it.  Non-resistance, so that you can release.  I had about 6 client meltdowns in the past 5 days.  My way of assisting people through this process is really to be with them, encourage them to feel it, but not to act on it.  To allow it to flow and pass, and then find your mind to think of actions and responses--not reactions! Go ahead and put the mind on pause, put the problem solving on pause, the logic on pause, and allow yourself to just be with what is.  Only then can you truly HEAR the mind.


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May you Intuit, Empower, and Awaken,


Sometimes we need to tune out the constant monkey mind chatter to really get to the truth of what our soul wants to say to us.  Stilling the mind will allow the intuitive mind to grow stronger.

An empowered mind is one that is not enclosed by its own mental boxes.  It respects the whole self and understands thoughts are a construct, but they don't have to be confining.


As the process of spiritual awakening stirs in you, the mind becomes less dominant and the soul more balanced with every part of itself. This is necessary in order to awaken to who you really are, which is so much more vast than the mind. 

Soul Connections and Losing the Mind
For some, the entire purpose of a soul connection is to bring them deeper into their heart, out of their mental ways of seeing.  This is often true for those heavy on the masculine energy, who have unfortunately been taught culturally that the mind is the only valid thing to trust.

The ego of course makes its home in the mind and the endless chatter of thoughts.  A soul connection often will seek for you to break out of an egoic way of thinking. Out of the mind into the heart.

Losing your mind might also be looked at in terms of losing balance and stability.  While not always pleasant, this is a part of the human experience and you should expect it.  It is by being temporarily thrown off the balance beam that we learn how to find our center for the next time life throws us off.

We would never know freedom from our constraints if we did not have a deep connection or other emotional life experience to help us break out of them.

If you feel you are losing it, it is most likely only temporary. Ride out the storm and wait for the wisdom that is sure to follow.

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