Subject: Failure is not an option, it's a key to success

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Victoria Zaitz, MLA, MTP

  Intuit.  Empower.  Awaken.

This week's Energetic Forecast:  Suffice it to say the current astrology and energy is all about conflict coming up to the surface to be healed.  The aspects are squares and oppositions and it involves almost every planet--one giant cluster of triggers.  But I will say this, it is all out in the light of day now.  A lot of things have probably bubbled up from underneath the rug and the closet was over-stuffed with garbage and it all eventually had to come out.  The truth clears, and the truth heals, but usually it hurts like hell first.  Many sleepers have awakened and it is very hard to go back to napping after a few good shocks. Get yourself grounded, this is not the end of the story by any means.  We have a new moon tomorrow in Sag to get your fire movin' again.

Failure is not an option, it's a key to success. This topic is so relevant right now in many of my client's lives.  The trials and tribulations of taking responsibility for oneself are not easy.  We have such a resistance to the idea of failure.  Most people take it to mean there is something fundamentally wrong with them at their core.  And this is never true.  

The fact that you are human right now guarantees your failure.  Oh I know how happy joy optimistic that does not sound. :) But the evolutionary force that is moving us all forward requires our imperfect imperfections and mistakes to facilitate learning.  That is the name of the game here in 3d.  If you are here you are in this earth school and this is simply part of the rules.  So failure is not an option because 1) failure doesn't really exist, it is simply a stepping stone to success.  And 2) it's not optional because it's necessary.  Do you genuinely, deeply, joyfully, want to succeed in your mission here?  Then step right up to the plate and be willing to take a risk and fail a little, and then learn from that.  Then do it again.  And again.  Keep going, and you eventually see that you-- at your core--ARE wide enough to embrace the deepest failure of your life compassionately and with great wisdom.  The greater the fail, the greater the opportunity for love and light.

Client Story:   Clients have expressed to me in tears how sorry they have been about the choices they have made in their lives.  Feeling that they are worthless and life could not possibly go on from the depth of shame that they felt.  But even when people will point the finger at your faults, there are always those who understand what you are going through on a much deeper level.  Those who love you will support you through it all.  Never be ashamed to reach out for help.  There is always a place to go and grow from no matter where you are right now.  


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May you Intuit, Empower, and Awaken,


Intuition will always lead you on the right path.  That doesn't mean we are "mistake free," "pain free," or free of challenge.  When the challenge stops, you stop growing.  

To empower yourself out of a victim mindset, understand that finding out what does not work does not make you a victim.  It empowers you to figure out what does.  

Awakening can be compared to peeling away the layers of an onion.  What is left when things get taken away is the essence of the energy that you are.

That's when you wake up.

It's funny to think about how we think we are gaining something when we awaken, when it really is more about letting go of what gets in the way.

Soul Connections and "Failure"

The topic of failure in soul connections often has to do with root, core level, self esteem problems.

Many people do not feel worthy of a soul connection, or receiving love from anyone.  They do not feel they can love themselves or that God can love them.

This is, of course, pure darkness.

They think they have failed.  

They have not.  

One thing about love is that it never fails.  That's a good line from the Bible ;)

Love is too powerful to "fail." It just gets temporarily mis-understood.  

Twin flames especially can have this brooding feeling of failure if their union is not coming together in the way they think.  

It simply shows an even grander design, usually.

What is deep in your heart you cannot fail at.  One of my favorite sayings is--the deep desire of the heart, by virtue of its existence, happens.


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