Subject: Are you in alignment?

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Victoria Zaitz, MLA, MTP

  Intuit.  Empower.  Awaken.

Sorry for the delay guys! This week's Energetic Forecast:

This week we have a conjunction between Mercury, Jupiter, Venus, and Mars in Leo, all squaring Saturn in Scorpio.  Look for important communications to take place, we are also still in the energy of expansion vs. restriction.  You will want to be taking action on things you have been thinking about for quite some time.  But because of Saturn, you will be somewhat restricted, though perhaps less than in the past because Saturn is now going in direct motion. This is so that you can determine what is restricting you.  On the 11th Jupiter moves into Virgo, it has not been there since 2003.  You can think about what may have happened to you that year, Jupiter will stay there for one year. Venus is also "going into the underworld" so speak, she will not be visible in the sky until the 20th. When she comes out, we will once again have some interesting developments and forward motion.  

Are you in Alignment?  Being in alignment means being "in line" with yourself, and more specifically, with your higher self or soul.  This is not always a bucket of champagne, however!  Another word for this is integrity.  The gift of being in alignment is your inner knowingness that you are on the right path and that you are taking the steps that you need to embody the highest version of yourself.  As we grow, we are raising in vibration and transformation and change starts to happen in many areas of our lives, and we become more in tune with our life purposes.  The old people, places, and things, and even states of mind such as a victim mentality or a lack of gratitude, may no longer resonate with you. You may want to drop old habits and patterns that you know keep you stuck.  My best advice is to let what no longer resonates with you go.  If you spend your energy trying to hold yourself back from a direction your soul wants to go, you are moving against the tide, and creating more suffering for yourself and others.  If you let go of what no longer resonates, you allow space for what does to fill your heart and soul with joy.  But we must have the courage to be true to ourselves, and to be honest with ourselves and others about what we truly do resonate with.

Client Story: Often with my clients I can see and feel old patterns that are on the way out.  This is especially prominent in the case of spiritual or kundalini awakening.  When I coach clients about this, I stress going with the flow.  An awakening is a force of nature really that has to be surrendered to, while also taking a great deal of time to care for the self.  One my clients said it kind of feels like an old part of them is dying and they are being re-born. In a lot of ways that is exactly what is happening.  I talk much more about this in my last webinar on Spiritual and Kundalini awakening.  If you missed it, it will be up on my video site soon.  


Up next in my Wednesday Webinar Whizdom series I will be doing a 2 part class on Parapsychology, the scientific study of psychic phenomena.  I studied this in graduate school and have been interested in this subject all of my life. It's pretty fascinating stuff.  Stay tuned to register.

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May you Intuit, Empower, and Awaken,


Our intuition is always working overtime to keep us in alignment with our path.  That is its purpose.  Making space for silence in your day and in your meditation practice allows you to begin to hear this voice.  

The only person who can help you to truly be in alignment with your soul is you.  Teachers can point you in the right direction, but the decision and work is up to you.  If you make this the priority of your life, I guarantee you that by aligning with your higher self, you will see amazing changes in your life.  It may even begin just by you stating that intention: "I resolve to live my life in alignment with the highest version of my self and to live my purpose." 

When we are in alignment with our soul, we fall into step with our place in this life, which is a puzzle piece in the plan of the whole.  Every one of us has a place in this whole, and we could call this your purpose.  No matter what the challenges are with living your purpose, and they do exist, you are so supported by the universe in doing so.  You will be given the strength of life's healing energy--love--to carry you through, and you will be awakened to the power of that love.  
Soul Connections and Alignment

We could say that the very purpose of soul connections is to bring you into alignment with your highest potential evolution on this planet.  Your highest potential is really becoming Love itself.

Most often it does not appear to be the case, but this is the meaning of this path.  It seeks for you to work through all of your barriers and impediments to both giving and receiving love.

So even if it looks and feels to be a complete mess, remember that our ego sees life as a tapestry--but only the backside.  Our ego sees the ins and outs of the weaving, but if you turn the tapestry to the front and look at it from the perspective of your higher self, it all makes sense and actually weaves quite a beautiful picture in addition to catching you in its web. :)

The issue then of course is your ability to see this bigger picture.  The big picture contains your lessons and learnings, and as we learn them, the more complete the picture becomes.

Your intuition will help you be in alignment. Remember though that alignment does not mean the easy button.  Alignment means you are on course.  It does not mean challenges will just disappear and you manifest instantly your wishes.  No.  

Many people have this idea that to be in alignment and to follow your intuition is going to take the pain away from life.  Nope.  Life is life and pain is in it and a part of it. Suffering can be worked through, but pain is unavoidable.

What kind of love is your love? For yourself and for others?  Is it the kind that can withstand some challenges?  Learn some lessons?  Have some joy and breathe another day?  

Ultimately in truth we are always in alignment as there are no mistakes, only lessons.  But it is easier to listen to your intuition, as it takes you on the path that is a tad easier than going around and around in circles to get to the same point.   
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