Subject: Moving through Loss and Grief

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Victoria Zaitz, MLA, MTP

  Intuit.  Empower.  Awaken.

This week's Energetic Forecast:  How was that 11-11 new moon in Scorpio eh? Scorpio is all about transformation and this new moon was trine Chiron so lots of healing the wounded healer energy with this new beginning.  The Sun and Mercury in Scorpio are making a "yod" aspect with Uranus at the helm.  This is called a "finger of God" and can be a trigger of destiny, unexpected events, heavy communications but also deep insights.  Control may be an issue now--you trying to control you, the world's unfolding trying to control you, or someone else trying to control you. Many people may wonder what happened to this concept of control in their life lately?

Looming over all of this is the intensifying Neptune square to Saturn, adding to the tug of war between the ideal and the real.  Mars was conjunct the north node, that is another trigger of destiny, and the north node just moved into Virgo.  The last time the north node was in Virgo was 18 years ago--ring any bells? This also affects Virgo's opposite sign Pisces because the south node is now there hanging out with Neptune and Chiron--holy healing splashing around in the deep sea of Neptune batman! All the while Mars and Venus conjunct in Libra--masculine, feminine, relationship issues, oh my! 

Moving through Loss and Grief.  I just completed my latest webinar on this topic, it will be available on my video channel along with all of the past ones soon.  The big point I have to make about this is that healing occurs on its own schedule. Similar to healing a physical injury, emotional loss and grief cannot be rushed. Healing is a transformation.  It occurs along the way, in the journey and not in the destination.  The most common thing I see is people being very impatient with this--whether it is in ourselves or in others.  The expectation to "get over it" or "move on" is often prematurely quite rampant, leading people to repress, deny, or cover over their experiences of pain which of course only makes things worse.  In my research for this webinar I discovered the debate about Prolonged Grief Disorder's inclusion into the DSM (psychology bible.) The time frame for diagnosis begins at 6 months. I personally don't jive with this idea being helpful.  People who are grieving a loss of any kind probably do need help, but that doesn't make it a disorder.  I see it as simply a matter of helping people right where they are rather than imposing ideas about where they "should be." So patience, kindness and tender-hearted respect for human emotion, whether yours or someone else's, helps a lot.  

Client Story: Many people see me for the mediumship aspect of my counseling work which allows connection between the dimension of those who have passed and this dimension.  I have never heard the suggestion from someone who has transitioned to the light that grieving is wrong, however they do not want to see the living suffer.  Sometimes the timing of them coming through does have to do with that, as they don't want communication with them to create additional pain for their loved ones here. They truly want us to be happy, to move forward with our lives, to have other relationships, to fulfill our purposes and reach our highest potentials.  Naturally in order to get there a grieving process has to take place, and they also understand that the loss of a loved one is something one must come to accept, but it is not something that is possible to forget.  


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May you Intuit, Empower, and Awaken,


If we are willing to listen to the voice of our intuition, we are able to get in touch with those we think we have lost.  You do not need a medium to do this, you can do it by going quietly into your heart in a meditation. They are truly a part of us.

Moving through grief is a process of riding the waves. Eventually they do become more calm, as more emotions are felt and released.  This clears the way and creates space for healing to happen. As we learn to swim, we become more empowered in navigating this necessary process.

There is a sacredness in all of the emotions that we feel, as they are signs of life.  The grief that we feel is due to the strength of our love, which is beautifully unspeakable. How can it be thought to be weak to love that deeply? It is a shame that anyone could think so, no? As we awaken we understand that this is just a part of life, but not the only part.  :)  The ground of our very being is this energy and love that runs the entire universe.  And that is powerful to know and experience.
Soul Connections, Loss and Grief

All soul connections are powerful transformative experiences by their very nature.  The lessons that we learn by having them in our lives are profound and the love generated is beautiful.

So how could we expect as humans having this spiritual experience, that we wouldn't inevitably come across feelings of loss and of grief?

The cyclical and ever changing nature of life itself creates the ebb and flow of connection and seeming dis-connection.  We have pain and we have joy.

Those with the courage to love experience both.

And while it may seem we lose that somewhere, the truth is that we don't.
Disconnection--whether from Source, ourselves, or other people is not the true reality.  It is illusory.  

But by having the experience in its entirety, we come to this true knowledge.  That love is never lost. In the human world, it can certainly appear to be.  But in a spiritual context, it is the greatest truth that we can know--love has never been in vain.

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