Subject: The Spiritual Ego

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Victoria Zaitz, MLA, MTP

  Intuit.  Empower.  Awaken.

This week's Energetic Forecast:  Over the weekend the Moon and Venus conjunct in Libra (Venus rules Libra,) which should be a sweetly emotional influence.  The Sun and Mercury are in the intense sign of Scorpio, shining a light on deeper conversations.  

On 11-11 next week we have a new moon in Scorpio.  I expect this to be illuminating and insightful, expansive and healing.  Mars will conjunct the north node in Libra, and this friends is a destiny triggering moment, action oriented mars setting off something important.  We still have a ton of energy in Virgo at the moment but we are shifting out of that.  

The big aspect everyone is going to start to feel that will color the rest of this year is Neptune square Saturn.  Uggg..Neptune is a spiritual influence, idealized, dreamy, mystical and Saturn--well--Saturn is the disciplinarian of the Zodiac, the restrictor.  I see this as a bit of confusing aspect, we will definitely be comparing two sides of an issue to determine what is real and possible and what is not.

The Spiritual Ego.  The spiritual ego develops at a certain point in a spiritual person's soul journey.  They have begun to wake up to their true identity as a soul and a divine being.  They become immersed in spiritual activities and worldviews.  It is a joyous and exciting time.  They may even be called to start helping others and other aspects of working in the light.  

And before they even know it, in walks the spiritual version of their ego.  Frankly, this happens when they have not been doing appropriate spiritual work on themselves, and usually this has to do with their shadow side.  They start to think they are better than other people, see themselves as a powerful authority figure, and attribute their gifts of divination, healing, and other wonders to themselves and not to the Source that gave it to them.  They may get greedy, money or power hungry and use their law of attraction knowledge inappropriately.  They may sacrifice their integrity and values, distort their experiences and qualifications, or think that they can use magic or any spiritual tool to achieve what their ego wants and to control others.  Essentially it is a spiritual power trip.  It can be dramatic or it can be subtle.  A more subtle form is the savior complex.  They may feel they have the right answers and now they must save and educate the world. Or their "help" is pretty much attention seeking, without the genuine desire to truly help others.

And what goes up, must come down.  The lesson that must be learned here is that your ego, even a spiritualized ego, is not in control of the world.  If there is a lack of moral integrity in your life and work, it will be exposed.  The essential quality of a spiritual person who is here to help others and not just themselves is a profound dedication to service, love of humanity and their foibles, and a relentless and humbling self inquiry into their own darkness and shadow side.  Many cult leaders are very high on their spiritual ego and take a lot of people down with them. So my advice to you is to be discerning, use your intuition and common sense with any spiritual teacher.  And be willing to not go down the same road.

Client Story: I once had a student who told me that she wanted to learn how to be more psychic so she could become famous.  We could not work together, needless to say, because her motives were off. All of my students know that this work is serious, and has a responsibility that comes with it to themselves, to others, and to core values.  The true reason for helping people is to help people.  It is the only thing that will be valuable to the soul--not how much money you made, or how much people thought you were great.  Those who have passed never mention the value of those things, but they do talk about the value of love and kindness.


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May you Intuit, Empower, and Awaken,


Your intuition is a God given GPS.  Your ego often wants to re-route that and take the easier road.  Short cuts are just that--they cut your development short.  

True empowerment comes from allowing the Source to run through you--like the force ;) To give over yourself to a higher power, not to your ego's power.  Ego is not the enemy, it is simply the tool of awakening.  But be mindful of where your spirituality is taking you.  If it is not making you a better person, time to choose what does.

Awakening is a beautiful process, but also a hard road. It is not the easy way 'round.  Our ego is a huge limiting factor in our lives.  When we step through that and are sincerely concerned with allowing the highest version of our selves to develop, we do become more kind, caring, and loving.  This is what the spiritual path is all about.
Soul Connections and the Spiritual Ego

Soul connections do not come into our lives to develop a spiritual ego.  They are more likely there to shatter an ego, and re-build you like a phoenix rising into your higher self.

Not for the faint of heart.  

Unfortunately there is a lot of spiritual ego in the twin flame, soul mate, spiritual connection community.  The first way that this manifests is in capitalizing off of these concepts. Not in making money while helping people, but in making money by misinforming people, dis-empowering people, and confusing people.

The second way it manifests is in the need to be right and to convince others of the "facts."  It is one thing to teach from one's own experience and that is valid.  It is another thing to expect that everyone's experience must be like yours or it is invalid.

It is just humans being human, which you will find in any spiritual community.  Even in ones where the purpose is ego deconstruction.  We are all just doing our best, yes.  But awareness, looking deeply, and the ability to think critically and examine oneself are the hallmarks of spiritual work.  It is up to us to do it.

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