Subject: From darkness to light

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Victoria Zaitz, MLA, MTP

  Intuit.  Empower.  Awaken.

I've been taking some time off from working non-stop LOL! A good thing.  But back on schedule now with regular goings-on :)

This week's Energetic Forecast:  We just made it through a full super moon in Taurus and we are in Scorpio sun time, my favorite :) Mercury is also moving into Scorpio--that is deeper thoughts and communication.  Still in Virgo, we have the Jupiter, Mars and Venus conjunction with Mars and Venus exactly conjunct this week--another unification with the masculine and feminine energies. Thursday and Friday this week may be a little bit weird with the moon in Gemini making difficult aspects to just about everything else.  Be careful with your words.  But we also have the opportunity to heal with what comes up this week with Jupiter opposite Chiron (the wounded healer.)

From darkness to light.  The process of working with your darkness and shadow material is the way to reach the light.  That is the barely admitted secret of transformation that many people just don't like to talk about.  But the importance of this process is evident in shamanic practice, native indigenous practice, in multiple cultural mythologies and scattered here and there in religion. 

One of the last places we usually find it is in new age philosophy. Within that lexicon we have things like the power of positive thinking and the law of attraction (re-interpreted.)  In that line of thinking we should not have negative thoughts or feelings, especially anger or hatred, out of fear that we will attract that in our life.  Well folks, this is incredibly blind and shallow, no?  Not to mention unrealistic.  A deeper approach is to understand that the "darkness" has to be accepted and worked through, not ignored and repressed.  That is what the whole Halloween season does. Brings out all the things we don't dwell on in polite society such as death, (energetic) vampires, and fear.  

The first thing to do is acknowledge that darkness exists.  Hatred, anger, murder, torture, abuse, psychopaths, yes they are all real.  All we have to do is turn on the news to figure that out.  The second thing to do is understand that you have a shadow side within you.  What in you looks like what you see outside of you?  (from esoteric hermeticism--as within, so without, as above, so below.)  And the third thing to do is get busy healing those things, feeling those yucky feelings, loving that inner child, and understanding that is the path to true change--in yourself and in the world.  From darkness into light, that is the way.  :)

Client Story: We can all think of someone that we might consider to be living on the dark side, flirting with the baser natures of life--participating in crime, drugs, sex work, stealing, and the breaking of many commandments.  Jesus hung out with prostitutes and tax collectors.  LOL.  Some of my clients were or are involved with these things.  But what I have found remarkable is their desire to be light workers.  Yes, light workers.  Some might think well how can this be?  I think this makes them quite equipt to help others who may be living that lifestyle.  True compassion comes from understanding, and understanding comes from life experience.  Wisdom comes from bad judgment at times.  With more to heal, one can be quite an effective healer.  So, hold your judgement of those living in the dark--don't jump down a dark hole with them to save them from themselves, just shine a little light down there. ;)


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May you Intuit, Empower, and Awaken,


Your intuition is always there to guide you, especially in the dark.  But you have to make the step to turn to it as it leads you out of the dark tunnel.  Ignoring it won't help you.  It is a gift given to everyone who asks.  

Often we get stuck in victim mode, complaining endlessly about how dark it is.  Cursing the darkness does nothing to end the darkness.  And seeing yourself as a victim not as a survivor will never empower you to move toward the light. A wiser way to empower yourself is to see the darkness for what it is and start to light candles, one at a time so you can find your way out.

By clearing out the unconscious and all of the sneaky lil devils that live there, we can become enlightened to our true nature.  It is only our fear that keeps us running from our pain.  Seems silly but we are afraid to look at our own light, which is what occurs when we wake up...but--we have to go through the darkness first.  
Soul Connections, Darkness, and Light

If you would like a quick trip through your shadow side and all of its murky contents,get yourself a soul connection. No, really. :)

A lot of light shining brings out a lot of things that hid in the dark.  You can look at your beloved and everything that upsets you about them as a mirror for anything that upsets you about you.  It may not be an exact mirror to you, but there are guaranteed reasons why that darkness bugs the dickens out of you.

Especially in twin flame situations we may see the law of polarity in action.  Where one takes a plunge into the dark side and the other lives in the light.  This is an especially hard thing to balance.  The person in the light often has a rescue complex and the person in the dark lives with dark shadows of abuse that they have never healed.  Of course a bit of this dynamic can exist in any situation.

It is most wise to pluck the beam out of your own eye before pointing out the speck in another's eye.  That was a great saying of the Master Jesus. :) Taken psychologically, it is a way to see clearly and avoid projecting your crap on to other people.  

It is also smart for empowerment as we cannot control if another chooses to live in the dark.  But we can work on our own darkness.

There are also dark forces in the world that we can look at as co-created forces that feed off of our shadow sides.  Those forces will never be more powerful than the light, but--they will conglomerate where it is smart of them to---especially trying to influence those who are here to help others into the light.  

The way to get rid of those is to move deeper and deeper into your own shadow, clear it out, and hang out in the light.  Then you can tell those dark forces where to go, so to speak.  :)
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