Subject: Feeling stuck or restricted?

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Victoria Zaitz, MLA, MTP

  Intuit.  Empower.  Awaken.

This week's Energetic Forecast:  Mercury is now direct and conjunct the north node (yay!), our communication has an easier way forward now and is important to our path in life (north node, this is particularly true if your north node is in Libra.)  The energy of Monday's new moon in Libra is also picking up speed, but this new moon likely will contain some unexpected energies as it opposed Uranus, the lightening bolt planet of sudden insight, change, and rebellious shake ups.  

Virgo is still heavily accented with a conjunction between Mars, Venus, and Jupiter.  We will want to move forward in a very big and expansive way this week.  The planets currently in Virgo are making a trine to Pluto and an opposition to Chiron.  This means deep, healing change.  And we probably want that NOW.  But we need to make sure we are attentive to the details and keeping our own house in order, so to speak. :)

Feeling stuck and restricted?  Many of us have been. At this point in the astrology and energies since 2012, so many know they need to make huge changes.  Anyone still in resistance will really start to feel the heat now.

Usually what happens when we feel stuck is our resistance.  Stuck and stagnant energy will always want to move and your soul wants to grow.  For many of us, it is our fear that keeps us restricted in a holding pattern.  That is the real reason for being stuck.  There is likely something that you don't want to look at. Something you fear changing.  You may try to shut off your intuition and all the signs that point in another direction.  But in truth, the only real restrictions are the ones you place on yourself.  We do this by being too wrapped up in the mental body, thinking and rationalizing our way out of our own happiness.  We come up with excuses.  These are all ego's tricky little ways to keep you right where you are.  So how do we get out?  If you don't feel happy with something, that is your first clue.  Acknowledge your true feelings.  Get out of your head into your heart.  Get off the mental thought loops that keep you locked in worry and fear.  Get very clear about what you want.  Make a plan. Then go for it.  

Client Story: One of the things that keeps us stuck is negative self talk.  This is usually a problem for most of my clients.  It is the little voice in your head that you picked up somewhere along the line, usually from childhood.  It is the one that says, "I can't have that," "I don't deserve that," "That will never work," "No one cares."  The only thing to do to beat that little monster voice is to look it dead in the face and say no.  I'm not going there.  Is that stuff really true?  Do I believe that?  And where did I start to believe that?  It is important to recognize that you are being your own worst enemy here, defeating yourself before you even start.  Start questioning your own thoughts.  That's the best place to start to see how you have limited yourself.


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May you Intuit, Empower, and Awaken,


Your intuition will lead you out of a stuck place and into a dynamic place.  The only thing that is required is the trust and courage to follow it.  And to ask, of course :)
You allowed yourself to get stuck to learn important lessons.  You can allow yourself to be free of restrictions by taking a realistic look at your options.  Much of the "I have to do this" way of thinking either comes from other people's expectations of you or your belief that you don't have options.  That is almost never true.  Don't believe your own BS. :)

When we awaken to our true nature, we realize that the universe wants to happen through us.  Read that again.  ;) The UNIVERSE.  The most powerful and really the only thing, we know.  Chose you to be here now to create magic.  So who is holding you back?
Soul Connections and Feeling Stuck and Restricted

Many soul connections happen just to get you out of a rut.  The depth of the connection determines how many ruts it points out.  Very deep ones will help you to free your entire existence from every restriction you have ever placed on yourself.  It can even awaken you.  Some are only there to snap you out of one rut, and that is all they were meant to do.

Soul connections are not here to make you feel stuck or to restrict you. It can feel that way though especially when they just don't go away, even if you want them to.  Then it is time to surrender to it being there, and it is asking you to go deeper still.  Deeper into what REALLY is causing your stuckness and restriction. Which is of course, only you and never them.  

Soul connections are meant to liberate you.  And they will, as long as you don't resist the process.  Love is a free-ing force, not a restrictor.  

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