Subject: The illusion of security

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Victoria Zaitz, MLA, MTP

  Intuit.  Empower.  Awaken.

This week's Energetic Forecast:  Are you excited, it's finally the end of mercury retrograde!  Now we are really going to move forward--that is, after some of the harder elements we have going on this week, so don't jump too soon.  We also have a party in Virgo with Venus, Mars, Jupiter and briefly the moon conjuncting.  That's rare and a lot of Virgo energy.  There are a lot of squares and oppositions this week, that's astro speak for conflict.  The personal planets Sun, Moon, Mars, and Venus, are making these hard aspects to the biggie outer planets, Uranus, Pluto, and Saturn.  On Monday we also have a new moon (new beginning) in Libra.  Translation: the area of your chart ruled by Virgo gets a big boost, however, there is a lot to work out, unexpected developments, major restrictions, and transformational processes.  I do think a lot of that will shift after the new moon. 

The illusion of security. Ok, this subject I am passionate about.  There is no such thing as genuine security in 3D reality.  The only, true, everlasting security is to be found in love, Source creative energy, God, the one, the foundation of all.  So the security we think we are going to find in material things, in accumulation and hoarding of anything, in our own physical bodies, in other people, in clinging to any situation as permanent, is simply not there.  So why are we trying so hard to chase after something that is not there?  I think it is because we are living in the egoic illusion that we are separate from God.  The security that we seek in all of the wrong places is our seeking for that realization of oneness with our creator.  Resolving to have that realization is the smartest and wisest investment you will ever make, and it makes a huge difference to how you relate to the 3D world.  

Take a look around, everything is in a state of flux and change.  Flowing with that force and not against it is also wise.  So what are we doing when we are worried about security? We do things that we don't want to do, in order to feel secure.  We don't do things we want to do out of fear that we won't be secure.  We don't take chances or risks, because we think we have security and we are going to lose that.  We don't make changes that we know we need to make.  We stay in a state of inertia, afraid to make a move and listen to our intuition.  We stagnate, we slow down to a crawl, and we become lifeless.  Our existence becomes determined by our fears.  Safety never created anything.  And safety is an illusion.  Everything you have accumulated you cannot take with you.  Your physical body is going.  The only thing that you take with you is whatever you have created in your heart and soul, and that never happened because you stayed in your comfort zone.  It happened because you realized who you are, what you can do, and you went out and did it.  

Client Story: Where this comes up typically with clients is they might ask what the hell they are supposed to be doing with their life.  They spent 30, 40, 50 years doing things that they never wanted to do.  For a false sense of security, and now they feel empty.  So we have a discussion about what their heart wants.  It is usually something their heart has always wanted that they have suppressed.  So it often happens then that I play the role of their heart, and they take the role of their head, and we get into it LOL.  All of the "yes, buts," and "that's right, but," and eventually we both work out a real, practical way to make their dreams happen.  They may have thought they couldn't do it for this or that reason, but these you see, are pretty much excuses.  God planted the seed of your dreams in you so they could sprout, not so they would wither.  Take the first step, and God takes two steps towards you.


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May you Intuit, Empower, and Awaken,


I think sometimes people believe (falsely) that if they listen to their intuition, that means they can stay in their comfort zones and be pain free.  Nope. That would be the voice of fear.  The voice of your intuition knows that you are capable of handling what lies outside your comfort zone. Which is of course, where the magic happens.
The idea that security is an illusion is meant to empower you.  Empower you to not stagnate.  Empower you to move, and therefore, to grow.  And that is liberation.  It is liberation from your fear.

Source energy is the foundation for everything.  It is the ground from which growth springs.  Make it your task to awaken to this force and worldly security is no longer on your list of priorities.  Then you are seeking the security where it is to be truly found--within--where your connection to God lives.  
Soul Connections and the Illusion of Security

Soul connections come straight from the rebel realm.  They are not here to make you feel safe, they may provide a nice space from which to grow, though.  They are not here to make you stagnate and not grow.  They come to shake you up, so that you can see, probably in multiple areas of your life, where you have been stuck.

Typically this has to do with past or current relationships and the patterns that you have had up until the point you meet them.  One of the big ones is to get you to wake up to your re-creation of your dysfunctional ways of relating to your parents and your pattern of trying to fix that through your relationships.

Soul connections also typically rouse your spirituality and set you on an awakening journey.  This is the best possible gift they could ever give you.

Authenticity and living from the heart are also typical lessons.  And all of these things are about dropping your idea that a sense of security is real.  
In the popular understanding of soul mates people do think they are the ones who come to make your life cushy and cute like a Disney fairytale princess story.  Nope.  This is a wish for gaining some sense of security in all the wrong places.

The right place to find security is within you.  From that place, we can truly begin relating.

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