Subject: Musings on Reincarnation

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Victoria Zaitz, MLA, MTP

  Intuit.  Empower.  Awaken.

This week's Energetic Forecast: I am sure many of you noticed the total lunar eclipse in Aries on Sunday.  How that affected you will depend on where Aries falls in your natal chart, but lunar eclipses are usually about endings and clearings.  You may feel a lot more clear now than you have in a while that some part of your life has been held back, and you now know why and what for.  This is a good thing, although many people don't like change or surprises, everyone knows that is how the universe works--you are better off going with the flow that presents itself now.

 I was re-watching Rick Levine's take on September and it struck me when he said Sept is about "adapting to change while not losing our center."  That's perfect. The effects of eclipses are long lasting with a six month window so expect the effects to linger. Still in Mercury retro until Oct 9th, which is basically a "are you sure you know what you are doing?" effect.  We have Mars and Jupiter in Virgo which is willing to work step by step, Saturn in Sag which is making sure we are ready to make real changes.  You may feel like hitting the gas and the brake which is also a good analogy, so take your time, don't panic, and keep center.  

Reincarnation.  I am often asked what my personal opinion is on a lot of spiritual topics.  Yes I believe in reincarnation.  I think the evidence is too overwhelming to deny, especially with Dr. Ian Stevenson's research on the reports of young children.  I also dig the show, Ghost inside my child, which sounds creepier than it is, along with Reincarnated: Past Lives.  I no longer personally refer to it as "past lives," however, and I prefer to call them "timelines."  This fits in better with the "all time is now" perception, that all timelines are simultaneously occurring.  I have had many regression experiences on my own, in a group, and led by others and they have all been super interesting.  I have selves as a ballet dancer, a Portuguese mystic, a Polynesian shaman in training and many more.  I do not provide hypnotic regressions to my clients yet, but I do past life readings (I don't regress you to the time period but I can tell you about multiple past lives in detail.)

Client Story: Often my work runs in themes, and at one recent event I was at in Erie, PA all people wanted were past life readings all day.  It was a pretty cool day needless to say.  The one young lady I remember had lives in France, Florida, and Egypt, and there were awesome parallels to her current life, such as her cat named Sphinx, her love of a certain town in Florida, and her current schooling for her career which paralleled her previous jobs.  Past lives are cool to find out about, and usually also point to things that you need to work on now. If this is something you would like to focus on in a reading, just let me know!


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May you Intuit, Empower, and Awaken,


 Intuition can often lead you down the "past life" rabbit hole.  I believe intuition works for most people in an unconscious way and my work helps to make it more conscious.  So unconsciously we often choose things that resonate from another timeline, such as music, art, styles of dress, interior decor, food etc.  There are probably many clues all around you to other timelines.  
Well what is empowering about reincarnation? I think it gives our soul a totality of experience.  But we also start to understand that our patterns and programs will be repeated until learned.  If we truly understand that concept, we will take a look at learning them much more closely.

The cool thing is that we are able to awaken to the nature of reality at any time.  That potential is always within us, no matter where we are on our journey or what we are learning.  The best learning to take away from getting to know our past lives is how to awaken in this one.  
Soul Connections and Reincarnation

Most soul connections exist in other timelines, and these can be known, felt and sensed by either person.  It depends on the ability and willingness of the person to investigate it how aware they are of them.

Often what happens is what I would call a "bleed through" from one timeline to this one, where temporarily one timeframe is imprinted on the current one.  This can be for lives "past" or "future."  

It is interesting to know what the past life lessons are but not essential, and the reason why is that the dynamics are playing themselves out currently, and so in every moment you have the opportunity to learn and grow.  That is part of my theory as to why we do not come in with knowledge of past lives, typically.

It is also comforting to know that we are always connected to everyone that we love.  It is illusory to think that we are not.  Because of the apparent nature of time and dimensional reality, we are sort of tricked into thinking otherwise, but we can expand beyond that and become aware that we are always connected.  

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