Subject: The dark night of the soul

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Victoria Zaitz, MLA, MTP

  Intuit.  Empower.  Awaken.

This week's Energetic Forecast: Everyone just go ahead, stop reading this newsletter and take a deep breath. :) We are all being affected right now by lots of contradictory energies.  The really cool thing about this though, if you can pull yourself together for a moment (LOL!) is to understand that there are reasons for all of it.  Even more than usual.  The astrologer the Leo King (who you should check out if you haven't,) calls the time in between eclipses as we are right now the "fate train whoop whoop!." We are squeezing a whole lot of change and growth into those two weeks.  

Sunday the 27th is a bit of a grand finale, though with the total lunar eclipse in Aries.  The partial solar eclipse on the 13th would have planted a seed of a new beginning.  The in between time is a space to clear out a lot of things getting in the way.  The lunar eclipses are more about endings.  In Aries, there will be a lot of fire in this ending--it is going to burn off whatever is in the way, and I would venture to guess many of us have at least one biggie in the way of the forward march.  

The sun is moving into Libra with the equinox, the time of the fall, where we can find many things falling out of our energy field like leaves from a tree.  But this is good!  Thurs the 24th we have Mars moving into Virgo, Pluto turning direct, and let's not forget Mercury retrograde squaring Pluto.  Mars in Virgo is action with all of the details, action with healing, action with getting grounded, action with taking care of things that need to be done, making the way to be of service.  Pluto the scorpionic planet is moving forward saying, down with the bullshit, let's move forward with transformation.  One of the itty bitty irritations right now is that square to Mercury retrograde--yes it can be hard to communicate right now, yes things may be misunderstood, yes the communication is really powerful and transformative.  So right now we gotta try, find the words, and get to work as Virgo would have us do.  

The Dark Night of the Soul. The term for this spiritual stage comes from a poem by Saint John of the Cross.  From a Christian perspective it is the time when Jesus is on the cross, before the resurrection.  I am referring to it here as a spiritual metaphor for the dark night. A time period like this feels like God has forsaken you.  Answers may not be forthcoming.  Synchronicity has stopped.  Anything you try to make work is faced with defeat.  Nothing is working, it is hard to find any sense or meaning, and you feel that you have been dropped into the great void of the abyss.  The same patterns, problems and programs keep replaying themselves on an endless loop.  And to make it worse we have the terror of this great big giant space of emptiness.  It is a time of feeling utterly alone, an ego lost at sea on the waves of transformation with nothing to hang on to as you get pounded by wave after wave.  

How do we deal with this?  Do not resist. I repeat, do not resist.  That includes trying to make it be anything other than what it is.  Quit trying for now, ease into it, feel what it brings up, and be gentle and self loving.  Eliminate what is superfluous in your life and get down to basics of self care.  Understand that this is a test, this is only a test.  If this were an actual emergency you would be dead :) haha! You can handle it! You will survive!  And you come out stronger.  

Client Story: I have had a few dark nights of course.  Most of what I go through in life is to get me through it so I can help my clients out.  And we can't help anyone with things that we don't intimately understand.  So of course some of my clients come to me in this bereft state of the dark night.  Their energy is usually too low to absorb too much mental information, so the best thing I can do to help is reiki sessions for healing and then really driving home the message of self care and simplification of life.  Gradually, they do come out of this.  It is a temporary state.  If you are going through this, definitely reach out to me for help. I am also doing a webinar on this topic on Sunday the 27th. Moving Through a Dark Night of the Soul, 8pm EST. You can register here. Following that we will skip 2 weeks and resume with a webinar on October 14th.


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 In a dark night of the soul, sometimes it is hard to receive or trust in your intuition because we have so many strong emotions getting in the way, or we ask and just don't seem to get an answer.  The best thing to do is just have hope that it will come eventually, and the truth is it will.  When we can focus again, we can see the light.
Seems counter productive to "go into" negative or darker feelings, right?  This is where we can use some discernment.  To heal you do have to go into the experience and what it brings up--always.  This dissipates the energy and gets things flowing again.  It is an empowering act.  But, sometimes our mind puts us on a loop and gets us stuck there.  So notice too if that is happening for you and shift focus for a little while.

"There is no dark night of the soul, only a dark night of the ego."  This is even a better way of putting it.  In your soul bright flows the river of God. It always has.  But it is also true we are very close to God in hard moments.  We may not always recognize that.  In letting the ego go, we are free to be supported by something larger.  
Soul Connections and The Dark Night of the Soul

Especially if a soul connection has triggered off either a spiritual or kundalini awakening, it is likely to also at some point along the way, deposit you into a dark night of the soul, because that is part of the process.

Sometimes someone shows up and everything just changes all around you.  Your job seems pointless and meaningless, your marriage becomes lackluster, you lose your faith in the Divine, and it seems like a soul connection came in, thrashed about like Kali with a big sword and just started to tear it all up.  You don't know what end is up.  Is THIS love?

Well, yeah. ;) A little surprising huh...

You may not see it now, but later you will.  You will look back and see the amazing purpose that this connection had in your life and all the things it has taught you.  It's a hard teacher many, many times.  But at some point you will be grateful that you have dropped so much baggage.  After the dark night of the soul, you will be much more free.  Not forever, not all the time.  But noticeably more free.  

A dark night of the soul is a spiritual test.  You are testing yourself, what you can handle, what you cannot handle, where you have room to grow.  Soul connections are partners to this crime. LOL.  They are your most profound teachers.  

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