Subject: Got Integrity?

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Victoria Zaitz, MLA, MTP

  Intuit.  Empower.  Awaken.

Sorry for the delay guys, lots going on! This week's Energetic Forecast:

Lots has happened since I wrote last--Partial Solar Eclipse in Virgo, Saturn has moved into Sagittarius, and as of last Wednesday mercury retrograde. We are moving towards the Autumn Equinox, and the end of the month is capped off with a total lunar eclipse on the 27th in Aries. A solar eclipse is a souped up new moon, it is all about new beginnings in the area of your chart Virgo rules.  Saturn has been not much fun in Scorpio for many as we have been cleaning out a lot of energetic closets, so we should feel a bit lighter in Sagittarius.  We all know what mercury retrograde does---communication haywire.

 I really think September is a month that will force many to really get rid of the old stuff that has been blocking progress.  It is all going to come out in the wash now.  There will probably also be plenty of ups, downs, twists and turns in your personal story and you just have to ride the wave this month.  When we come out of September we will know a lot more about what directions we will be taking.  So it is very important to just hold on for this month. It is all about changes, and after September we will be much more clear.

Got Integrity?  Integrity is the quality of being true to self.  We can also think of it as being in alignment with your higher self or soul.  A lack of integrity brings fragmentation of the self.  Think about it. If you do things that go against your conscience, your better judgement, or your personal values, this creates stress, and something called cognitive dissonance.  This is when your thoughts are in conflict with one another, or your heart is in conflict with your head, or any way in which you are not in unity with yourself.  There is a reason why one of the most essential spiritual maxims is: Know Thyself.  Your responsibility is to live as your true self, in alignment with your values and purpose.  Integrity is one of the core ways that you learn how to love yourself.  To not act against yourself, and to make choices that you feel are right for you even though they may appear to be unliked or unpopular.  To tell the truth when lying might be easier.  This is how we are ok with ourselves at the end of the day.  

Client Story: Success at the soul level can often look different from success by worldly standards.  One of my clients is a super cool guy who is a hybrid between a creative soul and a spiritual teacher, we have been talking about how he is meant to incorporate spiritual concepts, ideas, and experiences into his creative work.  This is a large part of why he is here.  What he needs to be concerned about as far as career success goes is not to have a job that takes the energy away from these pursuits.  He does not need to be a doctor or a lawyer or to make tons of money.  With some suggested tweaks he is now more happy, not from anyone's outside perspective, but from his own internal assessment of his integrity.  This is exactly what I mean about integrity, and being in integrity with yourself you will feel more whole than ever.


I had a great retreat!  Yup, that's why there was no newsletter last week.  ;)

I have an upcoming webinar on Monday the 21st--moved from last Wednesday. The Evolution of Love: 3D to 5D, 8pm EST.  Such an inspiring, high vibe topic, looking forward to this one! Plenty of time to register here.

We will not be skipping a week with Wednesday Webinar Whizdom this month, the next one will be on Sept 23rd: Moving Through a Dark Night of the Soul, 8pm EST. You can register here. Following that we will skip 2 weeks and resume with a webinar on October 14th. 

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I have had a fabulous time at my office space, East End Eden, since 2012 and I along with the rest of the community will surely miss it!  As of November, I am moving to Peace, Love and Zen, a beautiful space located right down the street from my current location.  You might know them for the Himalayan Salt Cave they constructed there about 2 years ago.  I am super excited to partner with them and you will see a ton of interesting things being offered to you as part of that partnership, including awesome salt cave classes.  Stay tuned as all of the details unfold.  

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May you Intuit, Empower, and Awaken,


Your intuition will always act to keep you in a state of integrity---always.  But actually listening to that and being in integrity is another yes it is a choice.  Basically, a choice between listening to yourself, the deep down real you, or the you someone else wants you to be.  
Acting with integrity is extremely empowering for you, because you believe in what you are doing and that it is the right thing for you to do.  You are putting your energy and power behind right action.  It is a recipe for self love and self respect.  In any situation in which you act with integrity, you will always be able to say to yourself that you handled it the best way you could.

Integrity is not ultimately about your ego, and that is why I love this quote.  It is a quality of ease you feel at the soul level, even though yes, it may be uncomfortable or someone else may not like it.  
Soul Connections and Integrity

Integrity is a lesson in some soul connections.  Sometimes that integrity can be as simple as just accepting your own emotions as they are and being honest about that, to yourself and to others. It can also be about being your true self and in that case, a soul connection would bring out those qualities in yourself, perhaps by mirroring, by inspiration or example.

Soul connections are not going to ask that you act out of alignment with your integrity.  Often what is happening is that they are asking you to act outside of a standard version of morality, but with integrity to yourself.  For example, a soul connection might be a catalyst to a break up or divorce.  This can appear immoral to some, but it is more about you being in alignment with yourself.  And acting with integrity is a high version of morality.  This doesn't mean that pain won't be involved.  It simply means that someone has chosen to do the right thing for themselves and be honest with themselves.

Soul connections can also inspire you to be more of yourself and to be in integrity with your good qualities, your talents, skills, gifts, and your spirituality.  This is not easy for everyone, of course.  Often there are many blocks in accepting these and acting on these involving issues of worthiness.

Deeper level soul connections will challenge you in the area of integrity for sure in some way.  But by meeting these challenges, you become more secure and grounded in who you really are.  

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