Subject: Strength--the Heart of a Champion :)

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Victoria Zaitz, MLA, MTP

  Intuit.  Empower.  Awaken.

This week's Energetic Forecast:

The big news of this week is Venus moving direct after a very long retrograde motion on Saturday the 5th.  We have learned what we could from this period in the underworld, now it is time to re-emerge.  Venus is also uniting with Mars and they will be together for a few months more in a tight conjunction.  This is all about balancing and integrating the masculine and feminine elements in ourselves, the marriage of those two in the heart of our being.  Look to the ways in which these two energies are being mirrored all around you and reflect on how to bring them into balance.  September is going to be one of the most amazing months that we have seen in a while in the astrological alignments with key planets moving in forward motion, mercury retrograde (oh how we love thee! LOL,) and 2 eclipses.  More about that in future forecasts.  

Heart of a Champion--Strength!  We are in a strength year, number 8 in numerology which is the Strength card in the tarot.  What is this energy all about? It has many facets--endurance, capacity, and the power of will.  What I have found is that everyone can admire strength when witnessed but only those who have developed their own inner strength understand what it takes to get there.  Diamonds form under pressure.  Muscles are built from being broken down and built up stronger.  There are tests of strength, otherwise how would we even have anything to compare it to?  How would we know it at all?  We wouldn't.  The more experiences you go through in life, the more challenges you face head on, the more fear you dispel, the stronger you get.  What doesn't kill you, makes you bad ass.  :)  I believe that.  It brings out things in you you never dreamed were there.  It puts you into direct conversation with the Divine, because that is where we pull true strength from. It does not come from the ego or the personality.  It comes from life force energy, chi, prana, in other words--the Divine.  

Client Story: I have many clients who are finding it hard to keep the faith right now.  They feel like they have been in this shadowy underworld for too long.  How can we draw on our own inner strength and develop our trust and faith in the Divine?  By observing.  Observe the order in what is apparent disorder.  Observe the patterns in chaos.  Learn from what appears to be unbearable.  Mine the psyche for nuggets of insight.  Look deeply, look within with your inner eye and face the truth that you find there.  When we are able to see and understand we grow in strength. We look astutely, without judgement for ourselves or others, but just with the act of seeing.  This strengthens our inner capacity to align with the inner witness.  That inner witness is the consciousness of your true self.  That is where strength comes from.


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I will be on spiritual retreat next week in the woods and for the majority of the week I will be away from the grid and so not easily accessible.  I will get back to you as soon as possible. :)

I have had a fabulous time at my office space, East End Eden, since 2012 and I along with the rest of the community will surely miss it!  As of November, I am moving to Peace, Love and Zen, a beautiful space located right down the street from my current location.  You might know them for the Himalayan Salt Cave they constructed there about 2 years ago.  I am super excited to partner with them and you will see a ton of interesting things being offered to you as part of that partnership, including awesome salt cave classes.  Stay tuned as all of the details unfold.  

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May you Intuit, Empower, and Awaken,


Living from a place of trust in your intuition is not a weakness.  It is a strength, because at times the whole world may seem against what is in your heart.  But that does not matter, if you believe 100% in your own truth, listen to that and trust that.  
You can empower yourself even when you are struggling.  Empower yourself to accept that life has struggle in it, but that you can endure it through the strength in your heart and soul.  Strength is forged in fire and for the butterfly, in the dark cocoon.  Without that struggle, her wings have no power, no strength.  Know there is a reason for your challenges and embrace them as opportunities. 

We are moving towards the Divine all the time, but to get even closer, we must move through the process of awakening which will require strength.  When we awaken to our true nature in self realization we find the strength of the Divine in everything.  
Soul Connections and Strength

If you don't come out of a soul connection situation stronger than when you went into it, then you are not giving yourself enough credit. ;)  These are strength tester machines, soul connections.  Equivalent to the soul workout of your life.

The truth is you don't know what you can handle or what you are capable of until you experience it.  When you do you know your own inner strength.

Learning lessons that help you become love will always be testing your strength--purifying your heart, and preparing you to hold all of the beauty that love is capable of being and bestowing.

A heart full of love is a heart of a victorious champion.  Victory over fear, is a one up for love.  Transmutation of what is not loving into love is a high alchemical art.  We learn by trial and error, testing and observation.  And each time, our strength and ability to love grows.
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