Subject: Love or fear?

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Victoria Zaitz, MLA, MTP

  Intuit.  Empower.  Awaken.

This week's Energetic Forecast:

On Saturday we have the full moon in Pisces.  This is a cool one as it is conjunct Neptune and opposite the Sun and Jupiter in Virgo.  Pisces and Virgo are astrological opposites, Pisces is dreamy, spiritual, and sometimes ungrounded.  Virgo is practical, down to earth, ready to serve and help, and Virgo is also the sign of the healer.  My take is this full moon is about healing.  Healing that is coming to fruition in our dreams, in our creativity, or in our spiritual practice.  Let those emotions up and out.  Get in touch with the mystical side of them.  Then think about what you can do with that energy because Virgo wants to make it real.  How can it help others?  On Monday the 31st we also have Mars and Venus in exact conjunction in the sky, these are the masculine and feminine energies respectively, and they have been doing a very interesting dance this year.  Take this as your cue to unite these energies within you.  Overall this week is one of uniting energies that may at first be assumed to be in opposition, but what they need is a good balancing and blending, study the Temperance card in the Tarot as a good example.

Love or fear? We could not have a better opposition to look at this week than love and fear.  It has been said that most emotions can be lumped into one of those categories and that this is really a choice that we make every day.  Love or fear?  My take is that all of this fearing prepares us to love.  All of the negative emotions prepare us to see what love truly is.  The issue is many people get very stuck in the fear.  And when we do not transmute the fears, they fester.  Fear keeps us from knowing ourselves, our true and higher selves, if we allow ourselves to live from that space continually.  Love requires, and indeed, life requires, that you take a risk.  Or several.  Life is not enriched by being stuck.  Life suffers when it is being drained by fear.  The first thing to do is recognize where you are in fear in your life and why.  From there we can work through those fears, but you do have to make a choice to do that.  It will not happen on its own, typically, unless we wait until crisis point.  But you don't have to wait for a crisis to start living.  Live now.

Client Story: Those who are living in fear are what we might call the "yes, buts."  Yes I know I should do this, but...fill in the blank.  The yes statement is your awareness, the "but" statement are all of the excuses, reasons, rationalizations, mental obsessions, and essentially, fears that keep you from your YES! The first thing to see is how you are limiting yourself due to fear.  So this is where the fears come up in my sessions with clients.  This is where it gets juicy and we get to the root behind all of the mental thoughts.  When we do that, we have identified the core fear.  From there we work on acclimating you to moving through and beyond that fear. It can be done.  


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May you Intuit, Empower, and Awaken,


Fear is often confused with intuition but it is not the same thing at all.  Intuition is a knowing not a "fearing."  When we understand, deeply know, and intuit, we don't need to dwell in fear.  Quiet your mind so that you can hear beyond fear's noise.
You have everything that you need, right now, to live your dreams.  Everything.  Not one thing is missing, because what you need to do that, empowerment--exists within you.  You came here with lots of plans and beautiful dreams and you intended to make them real.  In pops the fear monster.  And we end up living our fears, not living our dreams.  

The Divine is powerful beyond measure.  It will leave you awestruck with its light and love.  We may fear that because our ego thinks it is separate from that power.  That the Divine will crush it like a little bug.  And indeed that is part of what happens when we awaken.  All the little parts get assimilated into the higher self and we know that we have never been separate from Source.  
Soul Connections, Love or Fear?
Love, of course. ;) 

What does it mean to choose love over fear in a soul connection? It means first that you have to look your fears dead in the face.  Because before anyone can know what love really is, we have to know what it is not.  We have to get real intimate with our fears first.

Our fears typically are: we are not good enough for this beautiful connection, we are not able to be responsible to this love.  We are afraid of screwing it up.  We are afraid that when the beloved sees us, they will leave us like a speck of dust on their heels.

Or we fear we are going to lose this love and we could never handle that, so best not to try at all.

At the foundation of these fears is our belief that we don't have the strength to handle any of these things.  That of course is not true. And how would you know that you are strong if your strength is not tested?  How would you know what you are capable of if fear is your prisoner?

You don't.  And that is more miserable than losing any love that you lived, knew, and embraced with the fullness of your life.  

Better to have loved and lost than to never have loved at all.  Because a life without love is devoid of life.  
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