Subject: Let's get grounded

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Victoria Zaitz, MLA, MTP

  Intuit.  Empower.  Awaken.

This week's Energetic Forecast:

We are at the heart of Venus retrograde.  She is traveling the darkness of the underworld.  This is 40 days and 40 nights in the wilderness.  The work has to be done.  We take it day by day, night by night.  And we prepare to re-emerge in early September, even brighter than before.  But in order to know the light, we have to be familiar with the darkness.  We have to go within to really see the light that is "out there."  There are no shortcuts.  There is no where to run, to turn and hide from the soul, the true self, and everything that gets in the way of our light shining.  What can we do to ease this process?

Let's get grounded.  Very important as we go on this journey that we learn not only how to clear and work with this emotional energy, but how to ground it, shake off the excess, shed what parts of it we can, as we get real, practical, embodied--as we learn to manifest our higher selves here in a 3d world.  The task of a spiritual person is not to go live in a mountain cave and be higher self while the body becomes austere and neglected.  The task that most spiritual people are learning is how to be grounded here on the earth while in union with these higher energies.  The first thing we have to do is get real with ourselves, get honest with ourselves, take a look around at what around us in our earth world is reflecting our current inner state.  Are we surrounded by chaos?  Disorder? Are we treating our bodies like an afterthought?  We have to get real to create change in the here and now.  So we have to observe.  

While we are doing our spiritual practices, we have to remain grounded.  Go outside, step in the grass, eat some healthy food, get some grounding protein, connect with mother nature, feel the feelings in the body.  Grounding is all about being here NOW.  Not about drifting away and escaping this world, but learning how to deeply anchor the masculine energy of light into the receptivity of the earth.  

Client Story: Some of the most spiritual, creative, cerebral, intellectual, and empathic people have this danger of not being grounded and becoming out to lunch, and lost in space.  I especially teach my psychic students to be mindful of the need to ground.  We need all chakras working well in order to truly take a psychic message and be able to apply this to our lives or the lives of those around us.  A foundation in chakras 1-3 is essential to opening up the higher ones.  Intuition is meant to be applied and understood in our lives.  So always, as much as possible, and especially when going through hard times, or accelerated spiritual awakenings--keep grounded!


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May you Intuit, Empower, and Awaken,

Intuition is not a realm of the ephemeral.  It is based on facts.  The facts of the soul, the facts of the unconscious, the facts of energy.  Many people might not consider those facts, but they are just as real as any other type of fact.  Make these conscious and you have access to facts that matter the most.

Empowerment is taking action in the world aligned with your inner light.  Taking action requires you to be grounded in what you are doing.  In considering all of the implications of actions.  Not as a way not to act, but as a way to act that is grounded in the here and now.  To empower yourself is to always start with being in the now, standing firmly into where you are.  

To awaken ultimately is to be firmly planted in the soil of the absolute, the Source.  Our very essence is this Source itself.  When we realize that we move from a place of great strength.  We are able then to dance our dance and spiral from the center outward to touch the world. 
Soul Connections and Being Grounded

Soul connections are so metaphysical, so how do we stay grounded?  

The best advice is to be in the here and now with whatever is occurring in the connection.  Start with accepting whatever that is and vowing to work with that energy. Look deeply into that and what you are learning.

Do not project into the future your fears for what may occur or what may not occur.  Do not live in a past of fears repeating themselves.  Just deal with what is and work on transforming and flowing with that energy, whatever it happens to be.

Do not become obsessed, have balance, hold on to yourself, do not forget you have life, purpose, and other things to do.  Take a break from being in process. Go eat a sandwich. Remind yourself you are human and you can still enjoy the night sky, petting your dog or cat, or a nice juicy peach.

Get real with yourself and what you can and cannot do right now.  Do not expect that transformation, of you, or your beloved, will happen overnight.  Realize that all processes have steps and all processes are therefore grounded and orderly.

Take some of the pressure off of yourself and your beloved.  Breathe.  Practicing being as much as you practice doing.

Love of self and the beloved was meant to be lived, to be real, to be grounded.  So make it real, honest, and authentic.  Right here, in the now. :)

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