Subject: Freedom is a state of mind

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Victoria Zaitz, MLA, MTP

  Intuit.  Empower.  Awaken.

This week's Energetic Forecast:

On August 11th, Jupiter went into Virgo where it will stay for a year.  This expansive energy will occur in the area of your chart ruled by Virgo.  Virgo is a sign of earthy practicality but also precision and healing.  This energy can help us expand in practical ways and also in healing.  Time to get specific about our goals, and while Saturn is still in Scorpio, get real with our healing! On the 14th we have a new moon in Leo, bringing us some needed fire energy.  Both Venus and Uranus are still retrograde, and this week we add a trine to Uranus.  Uranus will probably give us a little wake up jolt this week.  Mercury is also in Virgo with an opposition to Neptune.  So we still have some fog that we need to clear out in our thinking and therefore in our communications.  Mars and Venus are in Leo, which adds to the get-up-n-go feeling.  August is a weird combo of wanting to move forward but not quite feeling ready yet, but by the end of September for sure, a whole lot is going to come into focus and be clear as crystal.  

Freedom is a state of mind. One major thing we are learning on the spiritual path is how to be free.  Radically free.  You see, our spirit and soul have always been free and will always be free.  It is free of everything in it's union with God.  It is a part of the infinite creation.  When a soul comes here into a body, it generates a personality, and ego and other elements of form.  All of these things are malleable, for the most part.  What is not malleable has been pre-ordained by your soul before you arrived here. back in the realm of spirit where you are completely free to choose.  But when we go within and awaken to who we really are, which I think is the point of coming here in the first place, we find the beauty of this freedom again.  We remember a love so vast it is amazing that we have forgotten.  We remember we are free, and most of the societal limitations placed on us are those imposed from the outside..BUT...these do not have to control us and our freedoms.  How many truth seekers break the rules?  Many.  Is this necessary? To a certain extent, yes.  Because if we only listen to the prescriptions of the outside world then we become only what the outside wants us to be...and then we forget again.  Who are we?  What has meaning?  Why am I not fulfilled?  Perhaps it is because you simply forgot, that you are so free!

Client Story: I will be writing a guest blog post this week on the idea of free will vs. destiny.  This is a common question that I am asked by the spiritually curious.  Some people may come to me believing that everything is destined, and so they come to hear about "how it is and what will be." Of course it is not as simple as that, so I appreciate clients who understand the meaning of their freedom.  The bottom line is that we are always free, no matter what happens, to choose how we respond to the events of our lives. Our ultimate core freedom is to respond as love, to ourselves and others.  If we can free ourselves to do that, we have transcended the limitations of our lessons/karma.  No one is doomed.  You could wake up right now to the reality of your freedom.  The only limits are the ones we place on ourselves. ;)


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May you Intuit, Empower, and Awaken,


How can you truly be free if you go against the deepest voice from your soul?  You can't.  You will feel trapped in the walls others have created for you, unable to hear your soul's true song.  Don't let this happen to you.  Discover your voice and your vision for life, and you will be free to trust everything.

To understand freedom, and to empower yourself to live in freedom, is a courageous and brave act.  After all, if you accept that you are free, now you have all the power you need to begin to make changes.  We can be afraid of our own freedom, though, afraid of the responsibility of being truly free.  The only way to achieve happiness is to accept the responsibility of your freedom.

Can you be free of negative feelings, hardships, tragedy, the story of your life?  Yes.  But only in the now, when you go into those spaces fearlessly, and keep going down to the space of your being where freedom from all of it lives.  Then you awaken.  Freedom is there.  Then comes another moment, and you can always find your freedom, because freedom has always been there. 
Soul Connections and Freedom

Soul connections come from the realm of the destined, usually.  Which simply means, planned by you previous to your incarnation.  There are things to learn from these connections and that is their purpose.  But what we do with this and how we respond to these circumstances is entirely up to us.

Some soul connections are on a limited contract.  There are only so many things to learn from the connection, and so, the connection dissolves.  Some of them are more long term, and some of them last forever.  But no matter which, we always have the freedom to choose to learn, or not.  

If we don't, then usually we go into lesson repeat mode.

In case you might think you are doomed from this, the freedom of it is in your soul's choice to experience it.  A deeper part of you has agreed to this.  You are both helping each other.  There are varying degrees of free will involved with this.  It is something that has to be both accepted and navigated.

But close your eyes for a second, go deep within, take a deep breath. Now ask yourself, are you free?  Perhaps you unearth a tear, Niagara Falls, or some anger, or fear.  Keep going.  Come out the other side.  Try again.  Now are you free?  Wash, rinse, repeat.  What you end up finding is this.  There is so much love in there.  It transcends everything.  This is freedom.

The challenge then is to take this wisdom from the meditation cushion and apply this the next time he or she angers or irritates you.  You can then learn to respond more freely.  Perhaps the true freedom is then the freedom to love freely.  

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