Subject: Self Responsibility

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Victoria Zaitz, MLA, MTP

  Intuit.  Empower.  Awaken.

This week's Energetic Forecast:

For many of my clients, the effects of Venus retrograde were pretty immediate! But we have to remember, this is not the end, it is only the beginning of deeply reviewing all things love and money until the beginning of September.  This week on Friday we have the full moon in Aquarius, bringing one part of this journey to completion, asking you to get into the element of air--thinking about the big picture, how it serves humanity, and asking for your observer self to be a witness.  

The sign of Leo is heavily influenced with 5 planets in Leo and 6 planets retrograde.  Leo energy is very optimistic and expansive, but we also have Venus and Jupiter square Saturn--Saturn is restriction.  So there is more work to do, boundaries to be drawn. Be careful as always that you are not just stuck to your ego's view of things, you will have to negotiate between restriction and expansion now.  This is part of the way, so ride the Tao wave, and try not to resist!

Self Responsibility. "No one saves us but ourselves. No one can and no one may. We ourselves must walk the path."  This quote is attributed to Buddha, not sure about the accuracy of that but it is a key concept to understand. The first area where we have problems with this is in relation to ourselves, and our self empowerment or lack thereof.  We are trained to look outside of ourselves for a savior, a rescuer, the perfect mate to complete us, the right circumstance to happen so that we can be happy.  But the truth is this is your job.  No one is coming to take away your karma (read: lessons,) and in fact, it is not even possible for them to rescue you from yourself.  You alone have a journey and a path to tread, and just by being on it you learn to save yourself.  

The second area where this quote applies is our desire to be a savior or rescuer for someone else.  Normally we do this from a kind enough perspective, however, we need to understand that ultimately, this is not allowed.  Literally, not allowed by the rules of the universe.  We do not have the power to save and rescue someone from themselves.  Also, when we try to do this we will be faced with opposition.  Everyone needs to walk their path to learn what they need to learn--let them! This is what allows them to grow, if you go in trying to rescue, not only will it fail, but they will not learn properly.  It is a disempowerment.  Now, helping is another matter.  Help when asked.  Help can be enormously effective, but ultimately the walk is still yours to take.  Help and love must be given freely, not as an attempt to mold another. 

Client Story: As a helper I have many people asking me for help.  Clients who get the most out of my sessions take the intuitive input, match it against their own intuition, then take action based off of the newfound trust they discover in themselves.  I merely reflect that back to them.  I go deeper into the situation to offer perspectives of many sides, not just that of the ego.  But some clients do want me to tell them what to do or how they view this is--what is destined to happen, what they think they should do.  The issue with this is of course it is disempowering for me to tell them what to do.  Also, not everything is destined and we do have free will and agency in our lives.  If you are a helper, remember you are here to help people to help themselves.  Not to do it for them.  


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May you Intuit, Empower, and Awaken,


Being in tune with yourself and trusting your own intuition is your own responsibility.  The issue is that you might not see it that way.  Often when we go within and receive guidance, we feel that it must be validated by the outside world.  The ultimate lesson is that the only place it really needs to be validated is within you.  

Self responsibility is all about empowerment.  The 10% of what happens is often not under your control, especially if it has to do with the life path of others.  However, here is where your power comes in.  No matter what happened to us, is happening to us, or will happen to us, we have the choice in every moment to not react, but to respond, to shift and mold our own vibration to a higher one, and that can never be taken away from us.


Enlightenment is knowing the true self, beyond the boundaries of the ego.  The true self is the spark of the divine, and its counterpart is the soul who is here to create meaning and fulfillment from its lessons and talents.  When we awaken we do so to these two aspects and we unite and bring them together.    

Soul Connections and Self Responsibility

Soul connections will teach you self responsibility.  Most notably in the areas that are beyond your control.  And more specifically, to your beloved's path.

How hard is it to see your beloved on a difficult road? Very hard.  It is hard to see anyone that you love suffer.  But even this is not under your control.  They must learn and they must learn to be responsible for themselves.  Just as you then learn to be responsible for yourself.

Our beloved does not make us feel or do anything.  They simply point out our feelings and choices and our current vibration and lessons.  They are not responsible for your pain, no matter what they have done.  It is yours alone to resolve.  Blaming in these connections will get you nowhere and keep you in a loop of dysfunction.

That is why it is very helpful to keep the focus on you. It also helps to look deeply to understand the beloved, because understanding is at the heart of love.  When you understand you can allow.  You can even allow them to have a painful lesson as you realize it is not under your control.

Keeping the focus on what you are learning and how deeply you are looking will help you not to jump in and try to rescue--but to act in your life, because that you do have some control over.

The beloved must learn that they are responsible for their happiness or lack of happiness. They are responsible for knowing and loving themselves and taking action in alignment with that.  And so are you.

Do not rob your beloved of their learning, and do not rob yourself of your learning either.  Empowerment must be found in the self and the connection to God.  We all must feel that we are capable of learning our lessons, making decisions, having freedom and choices, and love allows this.  
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