Subject: Healing the Shadow

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Victoria Zaitz, MLA, MTP

  Intuit.  Empower.  Awaken.

This week's Energetic Forecast:

We have a new moon in Cancer this evening.  New emotional beginnings in the house of Cancer in your natal chart.  I think the biggest energetic impact though is New Horizons beaming back the first real images of Pluto.  This places the energy of Pluto into the consciousness of the entire planet. Pluto represents deep processes of transformation, clearing out the old and bringing in the new---transmuted into its best possible form.  With Saturn still in Scorpio (ruled by Pluto) we are still working hard to move through what lives in the shadow and bring it to light and into healing.  Read my facebook page update for more info on Pluto.

Healing the Shadow.  This is the task of every spiritual journey.  The shadow side is the repressed, unhealed, un-examined darker elements of your ego consciousness.  We can learn a lot from Carl Jung's work on the unconscious (which by the way, was a major discovery after Pluto was "found" in 1930.) If we do not own, feel, and heal this part of ourselves it will be projected outward on to others.  When this happens it shows us where there is still work for us to do.  The maxim, "if you spot it, you got it!" is useful here to understand that the darker elements of human nature can only be understood by mining your own dark caves and transmuting the lead into gold.  How alchemical (I'm getting way into alchemy lately too!) :) One way to heal the shadow is to notice what you are triggered by, and instead of letting it rip on the messenger, look within to see why.  Much of our pain is due to accumulation of all the times our buttons have been pushed in that area that we have not fully cleared and healed.

Client Story: One of my recent clients came to me without really knowing why (it happens!) and what we discovered was that she basically lost her zest for life.  She had convinced herself that staying in a loveless and toxic marriage was the right thing to do for her kids.  I have of course come across this pattern quite often.  The shadow side of this situation is essentially a martyrdom archetype that she was playing out, going deeper still, a bit of a fear in going for exactly what she did want.  In order to get to the shadow or core issues, we have to work through our ego defense mechanisms, in this case being rationalization.  She now feels much more empowered to become more honest with herself and others in this situation.  :) 


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May you Intuit, Empower, and Awaken,

Intuition has a shadow side?  Yup.  Mostly it's when you call something your intuition but it isn't--it's colored by your ego. How can we avoid this?  Know thyself.  If you know what your ego prefers and then set that aside, it's much easier to get an intuitive answer.   

True empowerment only comes from facing the shadowy darkness and making it conscious.  From there you can work with it and transform it--through love. :) Love is the secret of transmutation.  In this case, it would be self love towards those parts of yourself that need your own compassion, understanding and healing.


Lightworkers are lightworkers because they have faced the darkness, both within and without.  Healers have to heal themselves first before being effective at transmuting that energy in others.  This is how they learn the "how." That is why the shamanic approach to darkness is useful.  It understands that darkness has a purpose; it is part of the initiation rites.  It's a strengthening agent.  Darkness is also an awakening agent.  It's very common that a soul awakens during and after a dark night of the soul.  
Soul Connections and Healing the Shadow

It's bound to happen--at some point in a soul connection, out pops the shadow--you said something, did something, lost it, flipped your lid and went batcrap ballistic!  LOL!

This happens to a certain degree in every relationship or connection known to humanity. To seek a pain free relationship is naive.  Soul connections especially will and are designed to bring up that shadow so it can be healed.

Expect it, it's going to happen. So how do we handle it when it does?  The key lies in the process and the little space between reaction and response.  As you feel yourself reacting--immediately take a time out.  Feel the emotions, process them, and refuse to just let it rip on your loved one.

When you have some clarity, come back to the situation and begin to communicate from a balanced place.  And don't open your mouth until you do ;) This will really help diffuse the situation. But what kind of insight are we looking for?

It's different in every connection--some exist just to get you to look at one thing (karmic soul mate,) others will press your buttons until you thought you lost sanity (twin flames.) 

We are looking for what triggered you.  What gets this emotional response from us is what is hiding out in the shadow material of our psyche. It is rarely a reaction to just this one thing or comment by your beloved. It is usually much much older than that and tied back to your childhood in many cases.

See what associations you come up with, you can even go into a meditation with the express purpose to get more clarity on why you reacted as you did.  

If you already exploded on your beloved, apologize.  Forgive yourself.  We are all human and they will do this to you also.  Forgive them.  If you can, communicate and share what happened.  This goes a long way in restoring the peace and harmony.
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